Bits and Bobs

Gah! Another day flown by and still a billion things to do and no proper posting achieved…

Some rushed headlines in the meantime:

• We’ve sorted out contents insurance and get the keys to the house at 2pm tomorrow – I am so excited, I can’t wait!
• My little bro is back at home (length of stay to be decided), after a disastrous Christmas with his girlfriend (no surprise there, since I witnessed some of it).
• I still have a mountain of work to do and only 7 weeks to do it in.
• I have written to the managing agents about the disgraceful service charge I mentioned before. Now I’ve got the letter, I can see it’s all charges for things to be done in 2006, but it’s still way over what I think it should be, with no breakdown of things like “external works: £1051″.
• I have to figure out ways to get more done in less time, since otherwise I am going to run out of life before I do all the things I want to do.
• Steve and I have now been to the gym 6 times in a row to have a shower in the mornings. If only we exercised as religiously.

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