Bedside Cabinet Clear Out – Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2

This is the second (and last) drawer in my bedside cabinet.

It has my jewellery box in it, which I didn’t sort through individually at this point.

bedside cabinet declutter before

OK, so here’s what went OUT:

  • 1 box brain bogglers puzzles
  • 1 travel sewing kit
  • 2 pairs spare heels for shoes I no longer own
  • 1 large collection of spare buttons
  • 1 empty Ferrero Rocher box
  • 1 empty ring box
  • 1 empty chain box
  • 1 empty earring box
  • 1 small cardboard box (recycled)
  • 10 silver bangles (my hands are small, and although I love bangles on other women they fall off my arms and generally annoy me. Another purchase to make me someone I am not).

Total out

20 items


120 items!


bedside cabinet declutter after

Well, there’s no escaping it.

I think it’s time to tackle the dresses and coats wardrobe next.

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