Bedside Cabinet Clear Out – Part 1

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Everything must go!

Actually, today’s clear-out was more of a rearrange to be honest. But sometimes you just need to sort through and reorganize everything.

Here’s the top drawer of two:

bedside cabinet before

So, the only things to go were:

  • 1 broken torch (and I recycled the batteries)
  • 1 ancient bottle of Chanel Allure perfume

BUT, while I was moving the other bits and pieces around to various other locations I also got rid of (since I am keeping a running total):

  • 1 pack 16 tampons (unopened). Like I am ever going to put a wad of chemically bleached cotton in my hoo haa?!?
  • 2 pregnancy tests (unopened)
  • 15 ovulation tests (unopened)
  • 1 lipstick (never worn)
  • 1 foundation tube (too thick)
  • 2 ancient lip glosses
  • 1 ancient blusher

Total out

25 items


95 items

I put back my charger, headphones, plus a couple of things from on top of my bedside cabinet (can you see Tammy’s book?).

And here’s the result:

bedside cabinet after

Bedside bliss!

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