Baby Number 2 Arrives

Sarah had a baby boy!!!

So now we have Isabelle (from Alice) and Jack (from Sarah). Amazing isn’t it – and pictures of them show that they both have lots of hair :-)

I cleaned out the second hand fish tank today, and also spent some time at mums preparing for Trevor the Gas Man who is coming tomorrow to start the install of the new boiler (gulp). He’s also adding in two radiators, as the flat is huge and only has four. There are none in the kitchen or bathroom – v. cold in winter. I successfully removed the horrible, horrible sliding door from the bathroom today, as I’m putting a bifold door in and adding a towel rail where the door used to go, and Trevor needs access to fit the pipes.

No door on the bathroom for a while, but mum is usually on her own, so this shouldn’t be too much of problem til I can fit the new one.

The flat needs lots of love. Whoever was there before that did all the work and decorating was a total idiot.

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