Baby Number 1 Arrives

I’m getting really behind with posting news and pictures…

My friend Alice had a baby!!!!!!! Isabelle Amelie was born yesterday and everyone is fine. She sent me a text message saying that her waters had broken on Saturday morning, and we all just waited… and waited… and waited… and then her husband sent an email out at about 1am this morning telling everyone the news. I am so pleased and proud of her! Having known her for 20 years, she is more like family in a way, so it was really special to hear her good news.

We had a BBQ on Sunday for the people I work with – the weather was not so hot (it rained a bit and was windy, with a bit of sun in the afternoon), but I think everyone had a good time.

I went to a dance class last Wednesday for the first time in about 4 years. It was great, and I am looking forward to going again.

My funny shaped tomatoes are turning red.

I installed the compost bin!

We finally watched Inside Man last night (Steve’s sister recommended this to us ages ago). Very cool film.

Ah – I think Steve’s just back from Kung Fu (hieeeeee YAH). Later!

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