I’ve had some kind of stomach virus (is that even possible?) and been off work for two and a half days. Had a temperature of 100.6 and lots of pain in a circle around my body – very weird. I slept loads for two days, even though it was impossible to get comfortable and then suddenly I felt fine again, just really, really tired. That was the day after Valentine’s day (cooked a candlelit meal for Steve, and he was fine, so no – it wasn’t my cooking!). Lots of other people have been ill at work, two of which have been away for over a week, so there are lots of germs in the air at the moment.

Steve and I caught up with my old school friends on Saturday, and one of them, Sarah, had been off work for a week with viral flu (more germs). We (the girls) had a pretty subdued evening, just chatting and catching up on everything and drinking fruit juice (exciting stuff eh?) and we were all yawning away after about 10pm. Meanwhile the boys drank beer, went for a curry, came back, drank Russian vodka, and got steadily louder, until eventually we decided it was time to break up the party and go to bed before things got messy. At last I think I can finally tell the news that I’ve been keeping secret all this time, but both Sarah and Alice are PREGNANT!!!!!! Hooray! Belinda and I are very excited about it all. They are about 4 days apart, which is amazing really, as they have known each other since they were 5 years old, and this is the first child for both of them. I’ve just recently seen the scan photos, which is so strange when I still sometimes think of them as being 11 with knee-high socks and pigtails. It’s a crazy world, and I never imagined us all sitting around at 30 talking about babies. Friendship is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, am tired now, so Steve and I are going to watch a film over dinner and get an early night before Monday arrives with all its horrible demands.

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