Angry 2 Year Old

My youngest is now 2 years and 5 months. He is a smiley, charming, sociable, happy boy:


At least, he was.

Of late, he tends to be more like this:


I remember going through this with DS1 at the exact same age and it was equally stressful.

There seem to be two triggers to angry-toddler syndrome:

  1. Dropping the last daytime nap [shudder].
  2. The realisation that their ability has extensive limitations.

It seems to turn once-content toddlers into miniature teenagers with a serious attitude problem.

Some of today’s parenting challenges so far:

Morning time

Right, what would you both like for breakfast?
Ummmm… [DS2 runs off to play with something].
DS2? Do you want some breakfast?
[Silence from conservatory]
DS2? Would you like me to get you some Shreddies?
More silence. I get DS1 his breakfast and sit down with my bowl. The peace is suddenly shattered by high pitched screeching.

Getting out of the car

[I unbuckle the harness]
NO!! I wanna do it!!!
Sensing imminent meltdown, I “fix” the buckle so he can do it. He takes ages to undo the buckle. I offer to lift him down.
NO!! I do it.
I offer to help him out of the car. He doesn’t move.
I wanna go in drive Mummy. I wanna drive.
It’s raining. I’m getting soaked. I tell him I’m sorry, but he can’t drive today.
After several more futile attempts to encourage him out the car, I end up carrying him screaming and writhing into the house.

“Playing” with DS1

DS1 looks at DS2
NO YOU GO WAY!! BAHHHHHH!!!!!! [blood curdling, whites-of-eyes showing, banshee scream]

Helping him with a toy

Ok, where do you want me to put the bridge?
I put the bridge exactly where he indicates.
NO!!!!!! WAHHHHH!!!!
Ok! Sorry sweetie, where did you want it?
I try again.
NOOO!!! BAHHHHHHH!!!!! [grabs bridge and hits me with it]
I remove bridge and tell him not hit.
BAHHHHHHHH!!!!! [scratches me instead].
I walk away, to avoid further injury.
WAHHHHHH!!!!!! [he chases me trying to grab enough flesh to pinch].
DS1 tries to tell him not to hurt Mummy.
BAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! [right in DS1’s face].
DS1 cries.

And that is all before 10am.

At least his behaviour is keeping me suitably distracted from the phone call about my scan date.

4 thoughts on “Angry 2 Year Old”

  1. Bahahaha Monkey will be 2 yrs and 5 months next week! And we are heading right I to this zone. We have plenty of “I do it” about getting into and out of the car, brushing teeth etc. And we are just starting with the emphatic NO. It’s a real treasure that one! Good luck!

  2. Oh boy is 2 1/2 this month. He wants to do everything himself too! And he wants to do everything big sister does which adds to his frustration. Good times…enjoy! haha

  3. Oh, I so feel your pain, only this nonsense has continued at our house long past the 2 1/2 year old mark. It started between 18-20 months of age, and my daughter is now 4 years 4 months and we still have LOTS of these shenanigans on a daily basis. It is completely awful. Extraordinarily stressful. Hang in there. I wish I had better advice than that, but I don’t. (if anyone else does, I’m all ears. I feel like we’ve tried EVERYTHING). Anyway, you are not alone!

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