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Work has suddenly become a bit more interesting. I’m getting set up for a new project, which is going to involve Windows programming (a far cry from Linux-land, where I have been for the past year or so). I’m really pleased to be working on something meaningful at last. Steve is also happy too, as he is moving onto a new lower-level project that will be all his own work. Again, a far cry from the huge team we’ve been in for the last couple of years. New boss seems ok so far, and has been v. helpful with getting everything I need (although I did have to prompt him with a “give me something to do now” email on Monday morning). I have a piece of software to deliver by end-March, so am expecting the next 3 months to be busy.

Only three more weeks left in the US before we head home. Steve and I had a look online at flats to rent at lunch and it seems as though the rental market is much better value now than it was 6 months ago when we first looked. Am v. excited at the thought of moving to a new place and finally getting all our stuff out of storage. It also means I can scan in all my old photos and add them to the site. Lots of yuk pictures of me at 15 with dodgy hair and bad fashion sense (whaddya mean not much change there then?).

I’m feeling all Helen Mirren today, so might have to buy wine and go home and watch Prime Suspect.

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