All Day Nursery Equals Vengeful Toddler

DS1’s behaviour has deteriorated noticeably over the last fortnight (since he started full days at nursery, in fact).

He completely blanks any kind of request from me to stop things he should’t be doing or not to touch things he shouldn’t touch. He’s always been a challenge, but he used to at least acknowledge he had heard me.

Now he doesn’t even react to my request – it’s like it isn’t heard (when I know it is), and he just continues with whatever he is doing, sometimes even with a smile on his face, which is just infuriating.

I don’t know what to do about this. I’ve tried giving him endless hours of attention, but it’s never enough. We played for almost 5 hours straight this morning, but as soon as I went into the kitchen to make his lunch, he started playing with the french doors, which he knows he’s not supposed to do, banging them back and forth.

He refuses a lunchtime nap (and has done for around 3 months), but his afternoon tiredness isn’t getting any better. At 4.30pm today I took him up to his bed after he insisted on stamping all over the washing despite three requests to stop, and when I went back less than two minutes later, he’d fallen asleep. He gets like a zombie in the afternoons, dead on his feet, falling over and clumsy with toys, irritable, rude and nasty to DS2, me and DH on weekends, yet he will not sleep unless he is literally about to pass out. I’ve tried the sofa, and I’ve tried quiet TV to lull him to sleep. He watches it sucking his thumb and has the most incredible willpower I’ve ever seen. He will not sleep.

I don’t really know what to do with him. We’re not having fun together at all on my days off work and it is rotten for me to spend a day with him acting so badly and then have to go to work all day and leave him.

I keep thinking about SAHM-dom, but we just can’t afford it. We’d never be able to do anything 🙁

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