Aims for the Coming Months

I’ve made a list of things that I’d like to achieve/do over the course of this pregnancy, as it is a massive life change for all four of us to move from a family of four to a family of five. So here it is. I’ll elaborate more on each of these as I work on them:

1) Look into hiring a doula, and/or a person to support me after the birth with breastfeeding (does this even exist?).

2) Completely overhaul my whole family’s diet, and our approach to meals and cooking (I’ve already started this on a personal level, and it’s going really well so far).

3) Thus reduce grocery spending to a minimum.

4) Research PPH (post-partum haemorrhage) and retained placenta, so I can do everything in my power not to go through this a third time.

5) Look for a better double buggy!

6) Sell old buggies, big printer and other large items around house as part of ongoing simplification.

7) Massively simplify our house – beyond the declutter that I have already achieved.

8) Pay off my single credit card debt and save money for post-birth.

9) Make the switch to washable nappies for DS2 and potty train DS1.

10) Switch to more natural cosmetics/personal care products.

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