AF Arriving Unannounced

Well that was short lived hope. Although at least not too painful.

Checked again a couple of hours later and the pink cm had turned into that horrible browny-red spotting I get before AF.

I had no idea she was coming, but I took my temp again just know and it’s down by a whole degree (my day temps are never far off my morning temps, so they are a pretty reliable indicator of where I am in my cycle).

So there we go, AF imminent at 9dpo.

Well, this cycle has been a total write-off. Which I knew once my ovulation was so delayed, but at least it hasn’t taken ages to get to the end of it, and hopefully we’re looking at today or tomorrow being CD1.

And I have high hopes for next month – now I’m off the flaxseed and have been more raw for 4 weeks (plus ditching all the chemicals I used to wash in), I am really positive about next month, and it would also mean a February baby, which is just lovely 🙂

Phew – it’s such a relief when the progesterone drops off 😉

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