A Year Online

Well, it’s been a whole year (and two days) since I went live with this site. A YEAR!!

It has gone so damned fast I can hardly believe it.

Does blogging speed your life up or something? I suppose I could have a review of the last 12 months – a kind of highlights type thing, but I’m sure it’s not really that interesting, and I find it hard to be analytical of 12 months of life outside of the months of January (the phrase “new year, new you” was made for list-makers like me), and September (never any better excuse to buy stationary and organise your life than the start of a new academic year).

The long weekend in Bruges was absolutely wonderful. I took about 200 photos, and I’ll be putting the best ones up online just as soon as I’ve got the Seattle ones on here… It’s a wonderful, unspoilt and friendly place, and perfect for sightseeing on foot, as every street is beautiful, and every corner has a view you just have to capture with the camera. The travel there and back was super-easy and we had no problems with anything at all. Absolute bliss and as usual when I am on holiday I found myself thinking about all the productive stuff I was going to do when I returned home.

A book I ordered on Amazon, from a listed seller (45% off), turned up today after an appalling 10 day wait (Building Scalable Web Sites by Cal Henderson). This is obviously for my new business idea, so I need to read this and start writing some code.

I also ordered The Mind Gym: Give Me Time today while I was at work. I have so much stuff I want to get done, and I was flicking through this in WHSmith’s at lunchtime. I got it for the bargain price of £5.74 incl. postage which I was well pleased with, as it’s £12.99 off the shelf. Heh heh. (I know, the library is probably cheaper. Bad Faye).

I just joined Amazon Associates to add those links in. This means in the million to one event of one of you clicking the link, and liking the look of the book so much you decide to order it, I get about 1p back. Groovy.

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