A Writing Break

I’m taking a break from my daily writing until the New Year. The school holidays are coming and Steve has two weeks off work also, so there will be less time for me to sit and write in the day. Sometimes I write when the children are all in bed, but I don’t do my best work at the end of the day, and I don’t like to constantly have the commitment of having to write at the end of the day hanging over my head. Also, I am lucky enough to have a huge amount of work on at Five Pixels, so any spare time I do get will likely be filled with trying to get ahead on the projects I have running.

I’m at about 47,000 words and I am a bit nervous about stopping as I’m worried I’ll lose momentum. I’ve paused my coaching with Jen and we’re picking up again in January, so at least I have someone I’m accountable to to make sure I get back to it. I still have so much to write – I’m probably around halfway through, if that, so this is looking to be my biggest work yet. Completing it and doing the second draft will definitely be on my goal list this year!

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