A Very Simple 30 Day Challenge

I have set myself a very simple 30 day challenge. I am a list-person, without a doubt (who doesn’t love a good list?), and I have been floating around for months now with no list, after spending quite a long time using Things as a to do manager. I just don’t really enjoy using Things any more (why? I’m not sure, but the interface isn’t as pretty and clean as I would like).

Since I am currently using nothing, and indeed, getting pretty much nothing done, I decided I needed something to pull me back into good habits, and also work to help me stop procrastinating while stuck in the bleak barren landscape of the Two Week Wait.

So, armed with Wunderlist (my new favourite list tool), I am going to work on building a habit that will have the side effect of productivity.

Clever eh?

For 30 days I am going to ensure that I add at least 3 tasks into Wunderlist and complete at least 2 tasks in Wunderlist. I’m briefly logging my process each day on the My 30 Day Challenge website (gone!).

The reasoning behind this is twofold:

  1. It will get me back into the habit of using a single place for all my todos and get me used to using the tool (although to be fair, it’s pretty easy).
  2. Heres the clever bit – as a side effect I will have to get something done in order to complete the tasks. Every day. Heh heh.

The tasks must be genuine and can’t be added retrospectively.

Day 1 today. This is a pretty simple challenge, so I’ll post an update half way through and once again at the end.

My aim is to build the habit of collecting tasks and checking tasks and ergo completing tasks.

After 30 days not only will I have completed at least 60 small things, I will also (hopefully) continue using Wunderlist as my to do list manager.

I’ve already done more today than I have done in the last week – and I’ve even measured up for the carpet, just got to choose it now. And that’s progress 😀

5 thoughts on “A Very Simple 30 Day Challenge”

    • I just pop them in during the morning, a handful of things I want to get done today on in the next few days. I’m on day 2, but I’ve done LOADS, ha ha! I’m sure the novelty will wear off, but that’s when I need to keep going to build it into a habit. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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