A Scan With A Difference


I had my last private scan this morning – and it was a world away from all the other ultrasounds I’ve had over the last 3 years. I drove to the clinic feeling happy, and excited to see my baby. I saw the same sonographer I’ve seen three times now and she is just lovely. Baby was having a rest, so no exciting movement clips today, just wonderful reassurance that all is well.

No nerves, no nausea, no sweating, no palpitations, no dread. Just joy.

I have hoped and hoped and HOPED and dreamed of this happening, and I am in total awe of the fact that I have been blessed enough for it to be real. After everything – after everything – we have this and it is a true miracle. For a 40 year old woman with a history of recurrent miscarriage? A true miracle.

He’s measuring 16w1d, which is exactly what my own dates say. Head circumference and femur measurement in exact agreement. A posterior, high placenta (a relief because they were low lying with both boys and it was anterior with my second – not an issue, but not the norm either).

She checked stomach, kidneys and bladder, and saw tiny fluid pockets in stomach and bladder, so the baby’s digestion is operational and he’s swallowing as he should be. Brain looks great, anatomy all great.


I’m starting to feel pressure and movement now (at last), so I am really connecting with this little person inside me.

We decided we could announce the pregnancy on Facebook, so I’ve updated my status today. I finally feel like a NORMAL person. A normal, pregnant person! If we lose from this point onwards, we wouldn’t want it to be a secret anyway – it’s too much a part of our lives now to hide away.


I’m sporting a nice little bump now, and I can feel the top of my uterus at my belly button. The nausea has subsided to very mild (thank god). And I’m even in recovery from my awful sinus infection.

I’m still sleeping on my stomach (or at least, waking up on my front), and am slightly concerned I shouldn’t be doing that, but I’m not sticking out far enough for it to feel uncomfortable.

My skin is still awful. But I’ve got a post coming up about that.

So, all’s well. I thanked the universe on the drive home from the clinic for this pregnancy – as sick as it’s made me feel it hasn’t ever given me an iota of anything to worry about.

I am truly, truly, blessed.

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