A Nice Quiet End to a Long Week

Went to see mum this morning and she was out of bed and sitting in a chair, wearing a rather fetching bright pink nighty and some turquoise NHS foam slippers. She looks really well (considering), and all the tubes and wires and everything have been removed. She’s still waiting for an MRI scan, and no beds in the ordinary ward yet.

Spoke to my nan, brother and other uncle today, so everyone is up to date with how she’s doing. What a scare she gave us all… She said today she’s realised she needs a lifestyle change, so I can only hope that this remains with her when she gets out of the hospital and back to normal, everyday life.

Have listed some bits and pieces for sale on Amazon and eBay this evening, and I’ll be back at the office tomorrow. Things feel a bit more normal again now, thank goodness. Monday morning is on it’s way with a mountain of work for me to catch up with, although I’m just glad the week has ended without any major disasters.

Onward and upward we go.

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