A Mostly Pointless Post

For the first time in ages, I’ve actually achieved something today. I have:

a) Finally got round to uploading a long overdue photo assignment for an online course I’m taking.
b) Finally bought some new make-up to replace the stuff I threw out a couple of months ago that was 2 years old.
c) Done two loads of washing!
d) Tidied the whole flat, including scrubbing the horrid granite counter that is a mottled brown pattern that disguises everything that gets dropped on it. This may sound good, and it is – if you don’t care about how clean it is. Someone could vomit on it and it still wouldn’t show up – it’s the worst counter top I have ever seen in a kitchen anywhere.
e) Started my Christmas shopping (huzzah!).
f) Bought some bunk beds for the spare room at my mum’s house (technically I did this yesterday, but I’m still counting it).

And tomorrow is my first day working for my new manager at the Company of Chaos. So much excitement, eh?

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