A Day In The Life

There’s no such thing as a typical day for me, but I’m going to post these now and again so one day I can look back and remember what on earth used to take up so much time…


I wake to the sound of C coughing. He gets very bad chest infections, although thankfully they are much less frequent now. I go in to see him,  just as he starts to cry. I carry him into our bed so he doesn’t wake L as he’s wheezing quite badly. After a drink of water and a spoon of calprofen he settles down back to sleep. He wheezes away for ten minutes or so and the husband gets up and goes off to C’s bed to try and get some more sleep. After another few minutes C’s breathing relaxes and I doze on and off until morning.


L comes in to tell me “it’s morning time Mummy!”. I’m exhausted and nauseous already. The husband takes the boys downstairs to start breakfast while I lie there wishing I’d bought some fruit and yoghurt yesterday so I could eat something I actually want. I take my temp (98.8), enter it on my chart and get up. No time for the luxury of a shower and I’ve got about 10 minutes before my blood sugar plummets and makes me feel awful, so I throw on the clothes that are on the floor and head downstairs.

I eat some rice krispies because there is literally nothing else, and try to avoid looking at the husband’s marmite toast (bluergh). After breakfast the boys play, and the next 45 minutes is all about packing school bags, water bottles, getting everyone dressed, doing coats and shoes and remembering all the things I need to do in the spare hour after I drop L at school. The husband leaves at about 8am.


We all pile in the car for school drop off. The boys adore certain songs so they always request their favourites as I pull out of the drive. They sing along all the way to school and I love it 🙂


Straight after school drop-off I head to the sorting office to collect a parcel I missed the day before. It’s packaging for some ebaying I’m doing. After that we go to the supermarket to pick up yoghurt and fruit for tomorrow. I also buy two cans of prunes because I was SO constipated this morning, despite the three bananas and two apples I ate the day before.


Back at home we do the finishing touches to C’s Easter bonnet, ready for the parade at preschool. I eat some more food and wonder if I’ll be okay until we get back at 12.30ish. C potters around and I read some blogs, before we head out again.


It’s the preschool Easter Bonnet Parade. The uber-cuteness of it all takes my mind off my stomach temporarily.

easter bonnets


Back at home C has already opened the easter egg gift he got and is covered in chocolate. This is normally totally against my eating rules, but a) I tend to make exceptions around celebratory occassions and b) I’m just too tired to fight this battle today. There is however, nothing in the house that I can eat. We’re out of almost everything and I’m starving. So, much to my annoyance, we get back in the car and go to the supermarket. Again. I think a bit clearer this time and pick up an easy tea for the boys as well as lunch for myself.

Meanwhile I get a text from the husband telling me that one of the ladies in his office has complained about a male co-worker spending too long in his tight cycling lycra after arriving at the office each morning. Ha ha ha!


I finally eat, like a famished dog, and devour my lunch in 3.2 minutes. I feel a bit sick afterwards, so I drink a massive amount of pressed pomegranate juice.


I feel worse, so I eat half a can of prunes. That does the trick for long enough to get C dressed and in the car yet again to collect L early from school.


I collect L and sit in the playground with some of the other mums. There are four or five of us who are never in a rush to leave. We’ve already observed that we have the “spirited” kids in the class, so it’s good for all of us that they burn off some energy by running around for an hour. I really like the mums I’ve met through school. They are warm, genuine, nice people. My daily chat with them is always fun.


Home, and the boys are eating more chocolate from today’s school easter egg hunt (why does everyone want to give children so much sugar?!). I intervene with portion control. They are both clearly very tired but insist they want to go to the park. I want to sit on the sofa and fall asleep, or maybe eat something, but I drag my myself out of the house yet again and we walk round the corner where they play happily for the best part of an hour.

When we get home, the boys are finally subdued enough to want to sit down and watch some cbeebies, so I take the opportunity for a 20 minute break instead of tidying up the kitchen, which still has the breakfast and lunch things all over the counter…

tv break


I cook the boys their dinner and by this point, the kitchen looks like a war zone. I like us to all eat together when possible, but the last working day of the week (usually Friday, Thursday this week!), the husband and I eat later and treat ourselves to a takeaway. I’m hungry now though, so I consume 2/3 of a family sized packet of crisps.


Husband is home early and I run the boys a bath. I have a quick tidy up upstairs and notice the overflowing laundry baskets, realising I forgot to put a wash on today. Oops. The boys are tired, but they do love bath time.


The husband kindly clears up the bombsite in the kitchen while I get the boys washed and dried. Once bath time is done, I get C ready for bed and read to him. He’s drifting off to sleep by 6:56pm.


Downstairs I briefly ask husband about his day (we tend not to get the chance to talk properly ’til the kids are both asleep), then I read to L for ten minutes (a super hero book from the library). We start his bedtime at 7:15pm – a little earlier than usual – and he’s settled and down after some more stories (Enid Blyton this time!) by 7:37pm. I head downstairs, parenting duties downgraded from “on-duty” to “on-call” 🙂


Husband arrives with dinner! We eat and watch the season finale of Walking Dead. We chat for a bit and then decide against watching anything else. I’m too tired.


We head up to bed, and I’m asleep soon after. Hurrah!

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