A Christmas Story Part II

As you can imagine, I wasn’t overly thrilled with my Christmas day, so when Mum and I arrived home I asked if it was OK if I disappeared off to Steve’s parents early. Mum was cool about it, so I scooted off down the M27, and 3 hours and several wrong turns later, arrived in Somerset.

Apart from bursting into tears the minute I walked through the door (Christmas a disaster, got lost, felt sorry for self), I had a wonderful, wonderful couple of days just lazing around with Steve at home, while his mum spoilt us all with great food, cups of tea and lovely presents, and made plans to help us out when we moved into our new house on the 30th.

We played monopoly with Steve’s family (Steve won, hmph.), watched Wallace and Gromit, braved PC World on Boxing Day (nothing interesting there), watched the video from Tenerife earlier this year (sunshine!), and generally enjoyed ourselves, so Christmas was saved at the last minute with some sanity in the West Country.

I got a text message from the banshee the morning after I arrived, apologising, but denying all knowledge of what went on. Hah. Words are easy when you talk as much as she does. When she starts treating herself, her kids, and most importantly my brother with some respect, I might believe it. I didn’t bother replying and have heard nothing else since.

Back at Mums for the days between Christmas and New Year, Steve and I both worked. I spoke to my brother and as I mentioned at the time, he had moved back to my Dad’s place. He’s still there and sounds happy – although I think he is still seeing Miss Gob to a certain extent.

On the 30th we collected the keys to our new house and moved all our stuff out of storage in the space of one afternoon. We spent our first night there on a mattress on the floor and then drove all the way out towards Colchester for New Years Eve with my old school friends Belinda and Sarah. We had a great evening catching up on everything (I haven’t seen them since Sarah’s wedding in May!), and the next day we all descended on Alice’s house (another school buddy) for tea and gossip. Steve and I dragged ourselves away at about half 4, and after driving around in circles in Hackney for about an hour, landed at Steve’s uncle’s where they fed us a fantastic dinner and introduced us to the ever-so-shy Pete (that’s Pete the cat, but he is almost human).

Steve’s aunt gave me a copy of one of her books about motivation (I so need this!), which I am really excited about reading, everyone had a good old chat, and we drove back home at the end of the night so we’d get at least one day of unpacking in before the next week at work.

Our new house is lovely – I love it, love it, love it. Unsurprisingly we were still in chaos the following weekend when Steve’s parents turned up to help us out and say Happy Birthday to Steve. But after 24 hours we were almost unpacked, had new shelves in the spare room and a living room you could actually sit and relax in.

The rest of week we finished off the final bits and pieces, and ta da! We are moved in!!

Broadband came a day late, but now I am officially back online, so all is right with the world, and we can finally get on with living, instead of moving.

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