A Bit of a Nasty Rash

Back to work today. My skin was sore and itchy in the office and really starting to play up while I was at Sainsburys buying food. Once I got home I discovered I was covered in a rash of some kind – it’s all over my legs, hips, bum, stomach and a bit on my back. Wah!! I look like I’ve got severe, localised patches of measles. Not sure what’s caused it. Just changed to a different brand of washing powder so could be that. Or it could be stress. Or just the weather today. My skin plays up at the slightest provocation, so lets face it, it could be anything. I should photo it for you, so I can hear your opinion on what it is, but I’m too tired…

I spoke to mum this evening and she is still waiting for both a ward bed and a scan. She said today the doctors are now thinking of letting her come home and making her an outpatient appointment for the MRI scan. This seems ridiculous to me and I’d like to wring someone’s neck over it. They don’t know what’s wrong, aren’t sure what medication to give her, and they want her to come home and come back for a scan at an as yet undetermined date, to a hospital she lives 20 miles away from. STUPID!!

Sigh. I’m off to bed to try and get a decent night’s sleep in the hope that I’ll look less like a freshly plucked chicken in the morning.

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