9dpo Self-Discipline

OK, so I caved a little bit today.

I got out of bed and grabbed my thermometer back out of the first aid box to see what my temperature was doing.

It was a rather unimpressive and non-pregnant 98.1.

But… I just can’t help the feeling that despite the distinctly average temp reading, I still might be.

So then I started thinking…

If I just had a pregnancy test, I could find out! Maybe I’ll get a faint positive as my boobs are hurting so much!

It took an ENORMOUS amount of willpower not to pop into the supermarket this morning and buy one.

But I didn’t.

And I didn’t because of one thing:

If it comes back negative today, I will be grumpy and depressed and a miserable Mummy for the rest of the day.

Whereas if I don’t test, although it’s bad for getting my hopes up (which I can’t deny I am), at least I’ll be a nicer person to be around.


14 days has never seemed so long.

3 thoughts on “9dpo Self-Discipline”

  1. Are you able to pinpoint ovulation to the exact date? I am (usually), so I know if I haven’t started by 14 dpo, I’m preggo. I try to still wait to test, though, because I have that miscarrying history…
    My fingers are crossed for you!!
    I’m at 7dpo, myself.

    • Yup – me too. I pretty much know the exact date as I get a distinct pain on one side (varies left to right), a temperature rise and my cycle is really regular. I use the FertilityFriend website (and app!) for charting, which is where I’ve picked up the ‘days past ovulation’ term. The day after you ovulate is 1dpo. (I ovulated on day 12 this month, a little early, so today is day 21 and I’m 9dpo).

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