8 Days Of Ether 2014

Oct 2016 update – these links are not working at present. Ether Books is in some kind of trouble and isn’t under active development.

You can read all my flash fiction entries on the Ether Books app:

Red Dragon
She looked at it for a long, long time. There, on the path ahead was a dragon. A bloody dragon! The dragon looked back at her. It had vibrant red scales covering its body and an unbelievably devilish forked tail.

Dinner For One
He slammed the front door behind him and wondered why the lights were out. On the table stood two candles, flames dancing. His wife came out of the kitchen, wearing a dress. Unusual.

“Do you want to press the button?” he asks me. All I can see are his eyes. He’s wearing a black balaclava, a black sweatshirt, trousers and boots. I search for a way to identify him.

I am tired and frightened. I can’t feel the pain any more, just the cold. I look directly up and the surgical light hurts my eyes. There are half a dozen people in the operating theatre, talking in a relaxed manner.

The M3
We’re driving down a slip road onto the M3, heading towards London. I don’t know where he’s taking me. He slides into the moving traffic on the motorway and I sense him relax once we’re in line, following the stream of other vehicles.

The Meeting
I was stuck in the meeting from hell. Fourteen people in a room. Most of us had no real reason to be there other than the corporate culture of holding meetings for too many people.

Venus Fly Trap
Dad bought me a venus fly trap a few months ago. He and my step mother were looking for a chiminea. We went to a garden centre, and while they were poking and prodding and discussing which one to buy, I discovered a selection of carnivorous plants.

Ward H2
Gerald was dancing again. Standing in the middle of the common room on psychiatric Ward H2, shuffling tiny steps from side to side, hunched forward, grey hair poking up all over his head.

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