I tested.

So, as a serial miscarrier, I’ve talked before about how this study influences why I test early, and 7dpo is probably about as early as you’re going to see anything (I got something at 8dpo, and a squinter at 9dpo on my last pregnancy).

Nothing on my chart is out of the ordinary this cycle, but then, I’ve had tri-phasic charts twice and NOT been pregnant, and I’ve never had an implantation dip, in the 8 out of 9 pregnancies I’ve tracked.

Here’s my chart:


No implantation spotting either (only had that once in nine pregnancies anyway).

So in fact, nothing but a totally ordinary chart.


I’ve had a bit of cramping and heaviness over the last 36 hours, so this morning, I thought, Ah what the hell. I’ve got, like, a whole bundle of tests in the drawer doing nothing, why not?

Of course, this is REALLY early – eggs reach the blastocyst stage at around day 5 and then shed the zona pellucida (outer covering) before implantation can occur. So implantation happens (as a rule) from 6dpo onwards.

I use ultra-sensitive 10miu tests: HCG is released into your urine a few hours after it hits your blood stream, which is almost immediately following implantation.

A few months back I did an evaporation line experiment on a set of 10miu tests, where I used one in bottled water and the others in urine, and you can clearly see there is no evap line on the water one. Now, these aren’t the exact same tests, but they are from the same company, and last month I had a snowy-white BFN with these, so I’m pretty happy with the test quality.

And now the big question:

What did the test show this morning?


I can’t even call it a squinter, because it isn’t. If I tilt it towards the light and move it back and forth, I can see the faintest, faintest shadowy line EVER possible to see.

Of course, I tried to take a picture, but the camera can’t see it. Even my best camera (instead of my phone), on macro setting doesn’t pick it up.

But my eyes can.

So I put the pic in photoshop and equalized it:


You see that, right?

I’ll test again tomorrow morning.

9 thoughts on “7dpo”

  1. Wow, that’s some photoshopping! It’s so early but I am waiting on pins and needles with you the next few days. I really hope you’ll post your test results daily for us! Sending you lots of love and good vibes. 🙂 Crossing my fingers that within the next 24-48 hours you will have a genuine squinter! (love that term, BTW)

  2. I see it. And funnily enough I did this with the PS app on my phone the morning we were burgled. It was there. The faintest line my eye could see. Pregnant. But the phone couldn’t. But with photo shops help.
    Then we were burgled that night. My phone too. With this “highlighted crimson” photo and I never even spoke about that pregnancy again as the shock of that night made my period come the next day. :-(((

    • Oh my God, that is so sad :-(. You have had an unfairly rough ride – life needs to give you a break. It really does – and I hope it’s very, very soon. X

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