7dpo Not Symptom Spotting

At all.

Really I’m not.

Not even thinking about it, actually.

Haven’t even noticed how despite the painful cramps yesterday morning (which I assumed were the end of anything exciting) my sore boobs have gotten worse.

Not even vaguely hopeful about the fact that I feel very heavy and sluggish and pre-menstrual already.

Scarcely even registered my persistent backache.

And today it has totally passed me by that I’m feeling really picky about my food.

And that I’m so tired, and I have a weird headache and it’s almost like I’ve got a really bad cold on the way.

None of these things at all are occupying my thoughts.

At all.

Half way through the two week wait and just going about my daily business as usual.

Because after a long 14 month journey of trying for no.3, I can’t even remember how it feels to be properly-this-is-going-to-work-lets-get-these-hormones-started-pregnant any more.

So it would be foolish to believe that I might be.

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