7dpo and Waiting

Seven days past ovulation today.

I have had mild lower backache for the last couple of days that has developed into definite AF-type backache today.

I don’t usually get this until AF is imminent.

I had early mild backache with both of my recent chemical pregnancies, so I’m tentatively hoping that this might be a sign I am pregnant.

(Or it could be a sign that AF is about to arrive, this cycle has been so crazy).

With both of my chemicals I also had a distinct episode of painful cramping (which I reckon was the rejected egg breaking away from the uterus wall), which I haven’t had.

So far.

I tested this morning and it was a stark-white BFN.

I got a faint positive on 7dpo last month and on 8dpo the month before.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

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