6 Vials of Blood

thrombophilia screen

That’s what the nurse took today at my last hospital appointment for my recurrent miscarriage investigation.

This time it’s the full screen for thrombophilia or ‘sticky blood’.

I get the results for this in about a month, by post.

All the other results I get back next Tuesday.

I’m really glad all the testing is done – for some reason I was dreading this morning’s appointment. Probably just my usual fear of doctors kicking in.

So, now we wait, and hopefully everything comes back fine (leaving us none the wiser to the crazy year we’ve had), or it doesn’t, in which case we hope it won’t be anything too dreadful.

6 thoughts on “6 Vials of Blood”

  1. Oh hugs!! There is soo much emotion in all this. I have been thinking of you and praying. I know you feel like giving up, yet moving forward… So frustrating! Same here I bet… Hoping nothing is wrong… Yet hoping for something to show up that they can fix and help you get pregnant and keep that little life going! No advice, just acknowledging your feelings and sending prayers your way!! Hugs!!!

    La- (Fried Scrambled Fertilized)

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