6 February 2018

Last night was pretty good!

Everyone was asleep by 20:30 for starters. F had a massive screaming cry at around 9pm, which I think was because she did a big wee and she is a bit sore down below. After changing her and getting her back down she slept until 06:30, yay!

I woke at 01:30 briefly, but otherwise had a good night.

I saw Mum today and we went to the chemist and got me some hair dye. My grey is going wild. I’ve gotten to the point where my self-consciousness over the wiry grey hairs amid my normal very dark brown hair has tipped the balance over my dislike of chemicals and the annoyance of having to dye it. When I get time to actually do something with the little box I will post pics.

Kids all asleep by 20:15 (so early!), so another early night for me ?

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