5k Debrief

5k debrief

I did it in 33:22, which I am…

satisfied with 😉

I can’t say I didn’t give it my all because I did. When I crossed the finish line I couldn’t even think straight, let alone speak.

Running on grass and mud is MUCH harder than running on pavement. For the majority of the course, my view looked like this:

5k trail run

And the photo above doesn’t even begin to convey the hilly terrain.

But my training route is almost 100% flat and looks like this:


Not quite the same, eh?

It was brilliant fun, and the boys entered the mini-run after the main event, so we all had a really lovely morning.

The weather was mild and dry, and overall, it was great.

So great, in fact, that I’ve signed up for a road-race 5k in 5 weeks time (new goal, hurrah!), to try and bring my time down. And this time it won’t be 3 days before my period is due, heh heh.

Mwah ha ha ha hah!

I ran with a heavy heart. Pre-AF spotting showed up 30 minutes before I started the run. After running 5k through Jurassic Park though, it didn’t seem quite so terrible, and I even managed to hold it together while standing next to a massively pregnant woman in the bacon roll queue. Go me.

11 thoughts on “5k Debrief”

  1. Nice one Rose! And to do so well when AF rears her ugly head too, I would have gone directly to the nearest pub and drowned my sorrows in cider and snickers. Well done you! X

  2. First: Your hair looks AH-MAZING! I love, love, love it!
    Second: Your time was FANTASTIC! That is a crazy fast pace, and way faster a pace than any of the training runs you posted about. Well done!
    Third: You + your boys = the picture of happiness!

    So proud of you!

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