I ovulated late this cycle. This hardly ever happens – still unsure why – maybe my lunaception experiment delayed things (I left our very dark curtains open for the three days over the full moon).

Anyway, here we are, five days into the two week wait. No feeling either way yet, but we certainly gave it a good shot this month, with almost double the bedroom time of our previous pregnancies.

To DH’s surprise, I even did the bum-on-pillow-and-legs-up thing after each go (no, in 27 months we never thought to bother with that before). In fact, if I am not pregnant, I will be quite frankly, astonished. There is no way an egg could have escaped the invasion, so given that I did ovulate (temp up), the only way this isn’t working is if the egg was so duff it never got started. In fact, I’ve spent the last three weeks visualising the release of two eggs (in for a penny), so I think we’ve covered all bases.

I am, as far as I am concerned, PUPO*.

I will be testing early and will let you know!

*Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.

11 thoughts on “5dpo”

  1. “bum-on-pillow-and-legs-up thing” – HAHAHA!!! I did this every time after BD, for YEARS. So much so that I am still doing it every time, out of habit (not that we are having tons of sex or anything). But I actually catch myself and then realize, oh, I guess I don’t have to do that anymore. I was never convinced it actually made a difference but always figured it couldn’t hurt. Sounds like this cycle is going as well as it possibly could for you so far and I will anxiously await updates on your 2ww and will be thinking of you as always!

    • Thank you :-). Yes – I can’t even remember what it must be like to actually have sex and NOT be aiming for a baby, haha! We thought we’d try everything to help it on its way before we end up spending £££ on private treatment (gulp). I would much rather use our (meagre) savings towards a new kitchen 😉 X

    • Just saw your post – some two week waits are definitely longer than others :-(. Have written more over there – hugs xxxx

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