5 Weeks 1 Day

Just a short update. No news, but didn’t want to disappear off the face of the earth.

Well, so far I’ve had zero spotting/bleeding. In fact, in addition to not really having had any symptoms at all, my sore boobs have all but disappeared too. That is, the soreness is gone – my boobs are still there, thankfully.

I am symptom-less.

I’m mildly alarmed by the boob-thing, but if it’s a sign it’s all about to end, so be it.

I’m still eating a ton of fruit and veg, and going to the classes I love at the gym. In fact, I feel really well for it.

On the medical front, after 12 days of um-ing and ah-ing, I finally called the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. I’m waiting for them to call me back – they said I wouldn’t need a referral this time, I can just go straight to them. So I might get an appointment next week if they aren’t inundated with patients at the moment.

We’ve told my parents and I’ve told a couple of understanding friends, but we haven’t said anything to my husband’s family (and probably won’t unless we are lucky enough to get to the 12 week scan).

So, all in all, things are pretty quiet. And I’m feeling good.

Gut feeling?

Is that it’s all okay.

I don’t know why (with my history, you could say I was deluded).

But that’s how I feel. The good thing is that I’m not thinking about it all the time (or much of the time at all really), and the days are passing in their usual haze of busy-ness and parenting and Christmas prep and housework, and that’s all good.

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