5 Minute Catch Up

Having managed to stay awake for 9 out of the last 36 hours I am feeling much better today. I had all the symptoms of flu, but without the fever. Plain old exhaustion? I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m not feeling like the living dead any more.

Did a bit of tidying up today and Steve went to the supermarket for me with a list. I cleaned out the fish, Cif’d the sink and moved our tomato plant to a bigger pot (reduced to 46p in Tescos 3 weeks ago. I covered it with a big upturned Evian bottle to protect it from the enormous snail population in our garden and with the weather we’ve been having it has grown like a triffid).

Mum’s coming over for a bit of dinner tonight and that’s the sum total of my two days off work. At this rate I’ll have conquered the world in about, oh, 50 million years I should expect.

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