5 Minute Catch Up #5

Motivated by my amazing friend Belinda who was visiting at the weekend, I’ve spent nearly all this evening working on the draft website spec and copy text to send over to my designer (my designer – I like how that sounds. Of course, he’s not really mine, he works at a company I approached to do the design, but he’s still mine in the sense that it’s my baby he’s helping me create – it’s so exciting!). I’ve gotten a reasonable chunk done this evening, so that’s pretty good.

I’m trying to think of something else exciting, funny or weird (or all three) to tell you about, but apart from work-work and home-work I can’t think of anything else at all that’s happened today, except for the amusing email I got from my old boss explaining how he and his friend long-distance fired several whole potatoes over the valley he lives above with the aid of some plastic tubing and BBQ fuel.

Now that’s what I call home entertainment.

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