5 Minute Catch Up #2

Shame on me. I didn’t run the Race For Life this evening, even though I had a place.

I’m still coughing and sniffing, so I decided not to take part. I feel v bad, but I am ready to go back to the gym tomorrow for the first time in almost two weeks to try and resurrect what little fitness I have left.

On the plus side I’ve done some market research on my business idea, written a specification for the website, registered the domain names and created a brand from scratch (saving myself a minimum of £200 on design work!). Once I’ve done a chunk of the website and have something you can look at I’ll let you in on what I’m up to so you can see what you think. It’s been two days and the idea hasn’t worn off yet (nothing before has ever lasted much more than an hour), so it’s all going well so far.

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