5.5 Weeks After The End

Five and a half weeks? It feels like months since I’ve been here.

Five and a half weeks ago AF arrived yet again and I held up my hands and gave up on trying for a baby. I tried to carry on the minimalist part of my blog at a new place, but just couldn’t get into it. My home is pretty much completely decluttered and I don’t really feel the need to go much further right now.

I felt adrift, not writing on here, as it has been my constant companion for so long, and through so much emotion.

But an idea has been growing in my head over the last month, so I’m going to run with it. I miss blogging. It’ll be good to be spending time writing about something that I’m genuinely interesting in again.

For the foreseeable, you can find me at Ordinarily Raw (Update: everything I’ve ever written is now here at St Francis Folly).

Raw food is something I’ve been reading about and researching for years. Long-time followers may remember I experimented with increasing my raw food intake early this year, but it fell by the wayside in the face of so much angst and stress while TTC. This is starting from scratch, taking it slowly, and hopefully sharing photos to document any changes.


Because I am just so tired of feeling, and looking, so old and tired.

In other news

Taking the contraceptive pill has been exactly what I needed. No thinking about TTC, no worrying about ovulation, timing, spotting, fake pregnancy symptoms, or anything else. I have been very grateful for it. I have pretty much accepted that I am no longer fertile and although I am not exactly OK with this, I am finding it an easier fact to live with. I still cry occasionally, but it is only occasionally and not every day.

A sad end to a long period of misery, but there is life afterwards, you just have to start seeing what’s right in front of you all over again.

8 thoughts on “5.5 Weeks After The End”

  1. Happy to hear the pain is subsiding and the outlook gets better each day! About 6 years ago I woke up sick and tired of being sick and tired 😉 and after extensive reading I went 100% RAW cold turkey (hehe) and did it for two months straight. It is the best I have ever felt in my entire life, before or since. It was just impossible to maintain for me at 100%, but I learned so much and adopted so much of it into my everyday life that I can now always see the difference food makes in my mood and energy! Good for you!

    • Oh how amazing!! I love hearing from people that get the whole idea of eating more raw food. Cold turkey – eek! It is brilliant that you still incorporate parts of that experience though – well done!

  2. So happy to see you back and blogging! I’ve missed you tons. I just clicked over and followed you at your new home. So looking forward to reading about all you learn in the area of raw eating. Welcome back!

  3. I missed yooooooooooooou! A few of us were just talking about on Kerry’s awards post yesterday. I LOVE the raw food idea. Will definitely be following that (I’d follow you anyway to be honest). Yay! Lovely to have you back and I’m really glad to hear you are feeling a bit better xx

  4. I’ve been wondering about what happened to you! Glad you came back! I hope you are feeling more and more peace with the end of your TTC journey, and I’ll def. be checking out your new one!

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