4dpo Backache and Early Pregnancy Factor

My temperature was actually 98.6 this morning, which is very high for me, but I took it 40 minutes late, so I’ve adjusted it down as it I know that my temperature rises very steeply in the mornings.

However, I can’t help but be hopeful at such a big rise…

I discovered something I didn’t know the other day.

Before implantation, but within 48 hours of an egg being fertilised, your body starts producing a protein called Early Pregnancy Factor.

Do you know what this means?

Your body knows it is pregnant almost immediately after conception.

For every women who says she knew before implantation that she was pregnant, for every women that says she felt funny, off-colour, or just plain pregnant, even before the egg implanted, it could actually be true.

I thought it was physiologically impossible for your body to know a fertilised egg was floating around, but back in February when I had my first chemical pregnancy I just knew – I knew I was pregnant a day or so after ovulation.

Because I had such a strong feeling (I had pronounced backache and light cramps) I spent a lot of time looking for evidence that the egg releases some kind of chemical that tells your body it’s there.

Eventually I found a study on Early Pregnancy Factor.

Hurrah! There is a viable physiological change that could have explained why I was so convinced I would see a positive that month.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I wanted to say that I have had definite, PMT-style backache for the last three days.

The only time, other than when I’m pregnant, that I get backache is when AF arrives.

I think this month I’m in with a chance.

I think this month it might have worked.

Lordy-loo this wait is going to be the end of me!!!

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