4dpo and Counting

I’m not symptom spotting, because I refuse to acknowledge that behaviour any more.

And it’s only 4dpo, which means, even despite early pregnancy factor, my body barely knows anything is going on, if anything is going on, which it probably isn’t.

But my oh my, my boobs are sore.

I’ve checked my now extensive chart history and I can thankfully see that this is very common after I ovulate, so hurrah – there is one thing to be said for taking FOREVER to have a baby and that is the incredible database of knowledge that you acquire on all the different ways you can NOT be pregnant.

I started taking the Claritin pills at 2dpo, but I am dubious about having any hope that they might impact what happens.

We did a good BD schedule this month though, so all bases covered and if it doesn’t work (again), it is definitely not for the lack of trying.

7 thoughts on “4dpo and Counting”

  1. My naturopath suggested the other day to reduce stress the 2 days folllowing OV. She said the same way your body tenses when stressed can also impact implantation as your tubes can also bunch up. So take it easy those days if you can. 🙂

  2. It’s it amazing what a fine tuned database of symptoms we develop after months and months and months at TTC? Good luck this cycle Rose! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. dont discount what your body tells you. If you feel pregnant, relax and believe your body (easier said than done). I went through it with my last baby… the waiting kills… but they say the best way to get pregnant is to try not to get pregnant. I think theres something to be said for that. Theres nothing left to do now but wait, right? wait in style. Think about something else.

  4. This brings back so many memories for me. I found TTC very stressful, then fell preggers the month before our IVF appointment. Everyone said it will happen when you give up (or relax) and I remember getting stressed thinking how can I give up. Then I think I relaxed as thought next month the professionals will help us and fell pregnant. I thought it wouldn’t happen for us.
    I really hope you get the result you want xx

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