4 February 2018

Just when you think things are looking up, last night F woke at:


Crying rather than the howling screaming she usually does, but still horribly disruptive.

She was up for the day at 6:30am and both of us felt rotten. She was grisly and miserable. I was tired and depressed. She has a cold and last night it was a blocked-up nose that was stopping her sleeping well. I felt so down this morning, wondering when this cycle of illness and bad sleep is ever going to end. However, the husband took the kids out to see some planes at a war museum and I did a week’s worth of meal planning and an online shop order. Then I did two loads of washing and cleaned out the linen cupboard, setting aside a big bag of stuff to put in textile recycling.

There is nothing like a good sort out to lift my spirits. The more functional and essential my possessions, the happier I am. My love of minimalism is still strong and it’s something I’ve really neglected since F was born. I find modern life and all its trappings and choices so overwhelming. I crave simplicity and order, and it’s a hard thing to balance in today’s world, especially with young children.

Is it odd that paring down the bed linen to 2 or 3 matching sets per bed and folding all the towels in neat piles by size makes me so happy? I keep looking in the cupboard, just because it looks so lovely.

Tonight I’m in bed before 9pm and all the children are asleep (even L, which is unusual). Here’s hoping for a decent night.

7 thoughts on “4 February 2018”

  1. I know what you mean when you say you kept looking st the cupboard. I cleared off the front of the fridge before I left on this trip and just placed a nice orderly array of pics back in the front of it. It looks so neat and tidy. I got a sense of peace every time I approached it!! Which was refreshing as I used to feel chaos and you go to the fridge so much as a Mum!!

  2. Eli woke every hour for the first 4 hours last night. One night only and I was delirious! I thought of you and thought you must be about to completely lose your mind doing this every night! Coffee was my friend today. We are going to bed super early tonight!

    • It’s horrible isn’t it? I hope you get a better night tonight. I do often feel like I am losing my mind, lol! Worst I think is the toll it’s taken on my appearance. I am greyer, wrinklier, and more haggard, without doubt. I just hope I can recover some collagen when I start sleeping properly again!

  3. Ps I have been meaning to pare down he bed linens too. I have like 7 sets for the guest bed! (Thanks to my mom pawning off her stuff to me). I need to organize and get it out of here!

    • I have found that I have to be ever vigilant of clutter – stuff comes into our lives all the time and it’s so easy to slip back into chaos!

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