30 Day Vegan Challenge for April

I think, post-miscarriage, that I’ve indulged enough in takeaways and other less-than ideal food choices.

I am ready to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon, but I wanted a kick-start. A way to really make conscious choices about my food in a structured way for a while. A way to reinforce healthy habits that have been slipping.

I am mostly vegetarian. I do not eat cheese. I don’t eat a lot of sugary snacks. Overall my diet is OK.

But I want more than OK.

So for the month of April I’m trying a vegan experiment. And… [drumroll] so is the hubby!

It’s great to have both of us doing this, as we can support each other and cooking meals is going to be easier in the evenings.

I think that DH will find it harder than me as he loves his cheese, his chocolate and his butter. But, we will see.

I’ll be taking weight measurements, body-measurements, blood pressure and blood glucose beforehand, and a couple of before and after pics. I may or may not post these, depending on how much (if any!) change there is.

We will be following the 30 Day Vegan Challenge by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau starting Tuesday April 1st.

I’ll be blogging intermittently through the 30 days – no set schedule.

Should be fun!

5 thoughts on “30 Day Vegan Challenge for April”

    • Sadly not. She has a book too, but it’s now out of print. For a UK reader I’m prepared for having to substitute ingredients. We’re just jumping in blind really, but I like the idea of daily videos and I wanted to do something like this anyway, so I’m hoping it will help and inspire!

  1. Nice! Great hubby is joining you too. I have a brilliant vegan mac and cheese recipe. Once you taste the sauce (which you can use on anything) you will never miss cheese again. I pop back and give you a link. Good luck. And post any great recipes you find!

  2. Good for you! I have been a vegetarian since 1992 and I have never looked back. My girls are also vegetarian. I buy organic free range milk and eggs but I haven’t been able to cross over to vegan. Maybe someday when the kids are older and I don’t have to make four meals already 🙂 cheers!

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