23 Weeks

This is going to be a numbers heavy post.

Weigh gain this week: 900g (1lb 15oz)

FAR too much for a single week.


My weight gain is really driving me crazy. It seemed to plateau last week, but for the first time since I got pregnant I’m now starting to feel heavy. I hate it, and I don’t want to end up a big fat heffalump like I did with the boys. I’m getting quite a lot of inner thigh/groin pain as well at the moment, which I’m terrified is the beginning of SPD. I didn’t have this with the boys – it was all in my hips and coccyx.

The thing is, I’m totally responsible for what I put in my own mouth and having tracked my calories daily for three weeks, I’m still coming in way over what I should be each day – TOO MUCH! I really don’t know how to control my cravings for sweet, fatty foods. I know in part this is biological – we are predisposed to scoff in pregnancy because in caveman times, food was always scarce.

However, when I can get a chocolate bar or ice-cream anywhere, at any time, it’s a Very Bad Thing. I have never struggled so much to stay away from it all. Multiple times a day I will eat something I know will not help me.


Gotta work on this.


Exercise log for last week

20mins strength and core
43min hill run
15min cardio
55min yoga
20min strength and core
20min walk to preschool and back
20min short flat run
15min cardio
50min yoga
55min long slow run
15min yoga

Step count

M: 12,513
T: 7,441
W: 13,202
T: 3,275 (first day of school hols and a tv day at home with boys!)
F: 11,186
S: 7,827
S: 6,340

Week total: 61,784

Other stuff

My skin is very slowly calming down. It’s still a long way from photogenic (ha!), but at least it’s not a daily embarrassment.

I’m getting to the end of my to-do list, for the first time in my life! We picked up a sofa for the conservatory and some other bits from Ikea at the weekend, and very soon, very soon, the house will be completely cleared out, and comfortably live-able, in the way I wanted it to be before the baby arrived. Hurrah!

I’m enjoying being at home with the boys. I’ve gotten super-organised and ordered school uniform for both of them for September and this week we’re on an intensive swim course.  Life is much easier, and much more fun, with a 5 and almost 4 year old than it was two years ago with a 3 and almost 2 year old (that summer was not a happy one!).

So, alls well.

Just got to get the eating thing under control…

Here’s a bump pic from this morning:


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