Up and Running

My brand-new, self-hosted, creative baby is up and running. After so much angst and deliberation about what I ‘should’ be spending my time on, I’ve decided to do it all in one package.

Some days I want to write, other days I’m all about taking photos, sometimes I have my head stuck in a programming book, other times I’m off on some other crazy adventure. For a long time I thought this was down to some inherent inability to focus on my part, but after a lot of self-analysis, and self-observation, I have realised that (despite believing my brain to be logical and organised), I am a creative person who needs to create. Whether that is code, words, pictures, or some other thing, it all fulfils the same desire. So instead of fighting it, and berating myself for spending four solid weeks writing like monk, only to drop it and spend the next four weeks trying to improve my photography, I’m going to embrace the lot and put it all under one roof.

I’m actually really excited about having a space to indulge in all the things I love, because for my entire life I’ve had to fight this notion of narrowing down my interests in order to be successful. And I’ve stopped and started probably dozens of websites/blogs because they have always been too narrowly focused on whatever idea I was currently passionate about.

No longer.

There are a handful of things I return to time and time again, because I love spending time on them. So instead of feeling guilty about not being focused enough, I’m going to embrace doing ALL of them. Right here.

I hope you find something interesting to read 🙂

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