Novel Complete!



“Edith’s Questions” is done.

To be honest, it’s not in exactly the format I’d envisaged and it’s a little shorter than I wanted what with the rush to complete my submission, but my novel is now with the lovely ladies at Mslexia and I won’t hear anything more until December, when the shortlist will be announced.

I’ve worked on it like a demon over the last two weeks and I am telling you that editing and finishing an entire book in that time is no easy job!

Longlisted for the Mslexia Women’s Novel Competition 2015!

The title says it all!! I am SO pleased, and excited!

Edith’s Questions is the title of the book and I started it at the beginning of this year when an idea popped into my head that I just couldn’t stop thinking about.

I have to send in the complete manuscript now, which is not quite ready to go (when is a novel ever ready?). I’m still writing, editing, and adding things, and making little changes and checking the storyline is coherent… It’s been an exhausting few days and sitting at a desk at 35 weeks pregnant is not exactly comfortable.

Nonetheless, I shall be sending my finished novel off early next week, no matter what (well, actually, going into labour early might be about the only thing that could stop me).

I’ll update once the book has flown the nest. Right now, I have work to do ?.

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