Post Juice Fast Numbers

Before I do the numbers I want to say that today (the morning of day 6), I woke up with no alarm and for the first time in months (years?) felt completely clear-headed and ready to get straight out of bed. I got up at 6:30, weighed-in, took my measurements, did my blood sugar, had a shower, and then I made me and the husband a green smoothie and I felt GREAT. All this before I got the boys up at 7am.

I only woke once last night to go the bathroom, and immediately went straight back to sleep.

I just feel really, really good this morning.


I have lost 2.2kg (almost 5 pounds), which is awesome as that’s what I put on over Christmas plus a bit. I’m only 2.3kg away from what I consider to be my ideal weight again, which is fantastic. The husband lost 3.6kg (just short of 8 pounds).

My fasting blood sugar has gone from 5.8mmol to 4.7mmol. Given I didn’t eat refined sugar for 12 (I think?) days before the fast and was still measuring 5.8mmol when I started, I am super excited about this. I am aiming to keep it at this level going forward, so I’m going to be really careful about what kind of carbs I eat.

I lost 2cm off my waist, 1.5cm off my boobs (no!!) and 1cm off my hips.

Fantastic results really, from five days. The challenge now is to keep pressing on with eating as clean as possible.

I think the big advantage of the juice fast is that is totally reframes your perspective on food. I don’t really want to eat sugary stuff, or drink caffeinated drinks, or order a takeaway because I’ve built this incredible foundation over five days and I want to run with it as far as I can. What I’ve already done is a huge motivation to stay away from the bad stuff. And now I know that I can go several hours without snacking and picking at food, and that I won’t die if I don’t eat some cheese, and that my body can survive and in fact, even thrive on a diet that is really high in plant based foods.

Now – and this is the best part – it seems far more normal for me to pile huge quantities of vegetables into everything we eat because the sheer amount of produce we got through over the last five days has opened my eyes to what our bodies really need.

I want to provide my body with nutrients, so it’s all about packing as many fruits and veggies as I can into every meal I can from now on.

Juice Fast Day 5

The final day!!

To be honest, I’m kind of amazed we both got this far.

So, how are things going? Well, I’m still not sleeping through, and neither is my husband. But my sleep has gotten gradually more restful and of better quality.

I’ve noticed that when I wake up and do a wee it is the darkest, most foul looking colour imaginable – much darker than it was before I started this fast.

In the daytime it’s almost clear every time, so I guess at night my kidneys must be working really, really hard filtering crap out of my body that all comes out in the morning.

My skin is still breaking out in pimples, but they are healing as fast as they are coming, and where my skin is clear it feels so soft. I’ve got a fairly stable, spotty look going on. I’ve read loads of the success stories on the reboot website and pretty much everyone says that their skin is much clearer after rebooting (these are people that have stuck to a healthy diet for months). I think the fact that my skin is worse now than when I started must be a sign that I have a lot of crap to get rid of inside. I’ve thought about it loads and have decided that when my face starts to clear up properly, then my body is probably finished with the majority of its internal cleaning. I have no scientific basis for this, it’s more of a gut feeling that when I am healthy inside, my skin will look healthy on the outside.

I’m thinking that I’m going to try to stay on a 100% plant based diet, with a really high raw element for as long as possible – or at least until I see a real improvement in my skin.

We are SO glad to be done with the early morning juicing – it’s about an hour and forty five minutes each morning to prepare the juice for both of us, while the boys run crazy around the house. Day 5 was the day of cravings – for me at least. All I could think about, all day, was bread. I haven’t even eaten bread since April last year, but it was (apparently) what I wanted. Those lovely bruschetta, or a piece of ciabatta… Mmm Mmmm!! It took all my willpower not to just stuff my face with DS2’s peanut butter on toast at lunchtime – even though I can’t eat the stuff anyway. I finished my last juice at about 7pm and I was so glad to be done, done, done.

I have planned out the next two days worth of food and I am so excited about it! We’re going to start by introducing fibre (so, er, eating stuff rather than juicing it), and then on Sunday (which will be day 8 effectively), I might think about some soup or some roast veg or something, and see how we get on.

I’m going to make courgette pasta with raw pesto on Friday (and husband is working from home that day) and I am just SO SO SO excited about sitting down to eat it… oh I hope it’s as good as it is in my imagination!!

Tomorrow I’ll do a weigh-in and measure, to compare with how things were on the morning of day 1.

Hurrah! We did it!!!

Juice Fast Day 4

Well, I didn’t bounce out of bed, but I didn’t feel cloaked in that kind of drug-like sleep that I often have to fight off in the mornings. We had another 6:15am start, and to be honest we are really glad that tomorrow is the last day.

The good news is I felt a lot calmer today. Much more chilled out.

And I think the hunger is starting to catch up with me because I noticed I was hungry as I dropped off to sleep last night (I had my last juice at 5:20pm), and I was pretty hungry in the morning, even after my juice.

I think the big revelation for me today is that healing takes time. Much more time than I realised, even with a really strict regime. 40 years of eating not particularly well is a lot of damage to undo, and going forward it’s all about what I do most of the time that matters.

Physically I felt kind of woozy in the morning, but otherwise much better than yesterday. Then after lunch, I had to make “dessert”. With celeriac. You’ve got to be kidding, right?


Nope. I juiced up the celeriac and pears and drank it. And instantly felt much better. All the wooziness went away – I think I had drunk too much water and needed some salts to balance out my system. It was after the celeriac juice that I finally felt as though I’d turned a corner. I suddenly felt like me again. But me on a good day, when I’m feeling happy and energetic.

What a relief.

I had a long bath in some Himalayan Salts and felt really clean and focused when I got out.

When I drove to school to collect DS1 I was feeling so happy – the sun was shining and the day was cold and beautiful. DS2 was singing in the back of the car and all was right with the world. A long way from yesterday’s mad anger at everything.

I went to bed at about 9:30pm, feeling absolutely fine. No hunger.

My husband had the rage thing today – he came home from work in a terrible mood, and I understood exactly how he felt. I did the boys bedtime and he lounged on the sofa looking fed up. Hopefully he’ll feel better tomorrow – only one more day to make it through.

The only downside is my skin – I had 3 or 4 more small pimples come up today, so I am looking more and more like a teenager (in totally the wrong way). The itching is pretty much gone though, and a very, very mild flare up of my eczema on my body is drying out and disappearing after popping up on day 2. Oh – and I actually did a green poo before going to bed. Ha ha!

I think I’m over the mental hurdles, but my body is still cleaning house physically. To be honest, I wonder if more days on just juice would be better for my body, but I’m not sure I can manage any more – I’ve spent considerable time today browsing cookbooks looking for healthy veg-based recipes to cook…

Juice Fast Day 3


We got up at 6:15am to juice. Thankfully the last two days of juicing seem to have made waking up in the morning a bit easier, so it wasn’t too hard to drag myself out of bed.

I did a blood sugar measurement, as I’ve been a bit worried about all the sweetness in the fruit and veg. It’s fallen from 5.8 to 5.3 (overnight fasting), which I’m really pleased about. Also, my resting heart rate last night had dropped from around 55bpm (my usual) to 45bpm. Wow – that is seriously low. I know my cardiovascular health is really good from my recent blood test, but 45bpm? Last time I checked I wasn’t an Olympic athlete, so I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

Anyway, the main thing for day 3 was that I was Mrs Angry personified.

It was horrible.

The oddest thing about it is that my physical symptoms had mostly subsided – no headache, and generally feeling great. But my tolerance, my emotional energy, was at almost zero.

The first thing that got me was the lemons. How many bloody pips are there in a lemon? I’ll tell you. There are about 8 in each one. Hidden in the segments. You can’t put them in the juicer (it’s a single auger, not a centrifugal one), so you have to pick them out. One by one. Aaargh!!!! SIX LEMONS I had to forage around in for pips on day 3.

And then I had to get the boys off to preschool and school and I was really intolerant of them squabbling and fighting and insisting on playing with lego right up until the last second of closing the front door and herding them out of the house. Little bits of lego going everywhere over the floor, down the sofa and round the house (which I’ll later tread on, or spend 3 hours searching for when they decide they want me to rebuild Luke’s X Wing).

I came home after drop off and sat in an emotional stupor. I wasn’t even sad, I was just numb. Is this emotional detox? Because my mood was indescribable. I sat down and did some programming for my professional website and every step was a trudging slog of dis-enthusiasm.

And then I had to make lunch.

I approached the kitchen, which was still a wreck from the mass juicing session this morning, like a just-woken ogre and grumpily got stuck into more chopping (and bloody lemon deseeding).

I drank my green juice (kale, spinach, celery, lemon, cucumber and a bit of apple), which I thought was going to be the vilest vile thing in vile land, but it was… okay. In fact, it was almost nice.

Husband sent me a text saying “I really liked lunch!”. This coming from the man who eats no fresh produce, ever.


Then I had a bit of a tearful hour where I seemed to swing between having loads of energy and wanting to cry in a corner because I felt so sad.


I’ve broken out in loads of little red spots on my face (yeah, that sucks), and two bigger cyst type spots that are really, really sore under my skin – one on my chin and one on my forehead. Not a good look.

The itching has subsided and I had one normal bowel movement in the morning, but still really gassy all afternoon and evening.

I guess my body is chucking out everything it can in a major clearing-house session.

And you want to know the weirdest thing so far?

I was driving home from school when out of nowhere I suddenly had the strongest recollection of these chocolate mousses that my mum used to buy us when we were kids. The taste was right there in my mouth, and the texture and everything – it was like a sensory hallucination. I haven’t even seen one of those mousse things for years, and certainly don’t want to eat one, so where did that come from?

In the end I went to bed at 7:20pm yesterday. Not because I was tired, but because I was tired of being awake and everything was annoying me. I was just angry at the whole world. Angry about not having had a baby in almost three years of trying, angry about all the miscarriages, angry about other people being pregnant, angry about pretty much everything.

Thankfully husband was faring better than I was, so he did DS1’s bedtime.

But we’ve done it – we’ve passed the halfway mark. 60% down and just two days left to go.

Assuming I don’t murder someone in the interim, I think we can do this.

Juice Fast Day 2

The husband set an alarm in the morning so we could get up and get the juicing done before he headed off to work. However, he didn’t sleep very well so he decided in the middle of the night to turn the alarm off (?!).

Anyway, despite the late start (considering how much we had to do), we still managed to do a decent amount of juicing to see him through his day at work. Here’s lunch for two:


On Day 2 my headache was worse, but not debilitating. I was really gassy all day, but only had a couple of bowel movements, so I was relieved about that. I took the boys to soft play in the morning to wear them out, in case I wasn’t feeling up to the job later, and I have to say it was really hard sitting there with my water looking at all the other mums drinking their coffees, teas and hot chocolates.

I also felt a bit miserable most of the day. Kind of sad. About not being able to eat food mainly.

I missed mealtimes a lot. I hadn’t really realised how much physical pleasure I obtained from eating. Food is all well and good, but it really shouldn’t be the highlight of my day – and I think it is. I think I bounce from meal to meal and I just love to sit down and eat something nice. How terrible that my life has so little enjoyment in it otherwise that eating is the best part of each day 🙁

The thing is, I was already aware of this on some level. Since I’ve had children, I have relied on food for pleasure. Being at home 24/7 in the early days with a baby (and no family nearby) is no easy job, and food became a way for me to enjoy something for myself when I couldn’t easily do much else. Prior to being a mum I would have read a book, or watched a film, or done something not related to eating. But I formed this habit early on, and it was reinforced when DS2 came along. Coffee shops and cakes became the norm and meetings with other mums seemed to revolve around the same thing. Cake, cake and more cake. Hell, I never even really liked cake that much! Juicing has really highlighted this “habit” as exactly that – a habit. Or a hobby. I don’t know – either way, I’m not taking my cues from hunger or nutritional need, which is what the majority of my intake should be related to.

Other side effects – I was pretty itchy all day. My skin just felt itchy. Everywhere.

And that’s about it. I wasn’t tired or drained. Just itchy, sad and a headache.

Once I’d had my “dinner” at about 5pm, I felt better. Day 2 was almost over. I saved one portion of juice to drink with the husband when he got home, but neither of us really wanted juice at 7pm – it’s just too late to be pouring all that liquid energy into your stomach. What I really wanted to do was sit on the sofa and drink a glass of water and feel all sleepy and ready for bed.

I changed the dessert around today as well – instead of having it after dinner in the evening, I had it after lunch. It’s so sweet and just way too heavy to drink in the hours before bed. I think it worked better that way.

What’s interesting is I can see a distinct pattern emerging for my hunger and it spikes at about midday and again at about 5pm. Given that we eat our dinner anywhere up to 8:30pm I think I really have been eating too late for my body. With normal food I didn’t notice it, but the juice really gives you energy and I just don’t feel like I need all that energy at the end of that day.

So, there we go.

40% of the way through and so far, so good.

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