Me and DS1 (2)

Walking to preschool…

DS1: Mummy, can you grow another baby, so you can have three babies?

Me: Ummm, I’m not sure sweetie.

DS1: Have you got any eggs left inside your body?

Me: Erm, yes, I have eggs left, but… well…

DS1: Can you grow them into a baby then?

Me: Well, I don’t know if I can do that. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Hells bells.

Do children read your mind and suck out your dreams while you sleep?

Yup, I Changed My Title

I just couldn’t bear seeing “From 2 to 3 Kids” every time I wanted to blog something.

After almost 18 months of trying (from a woman who previously had two children without batting an eyelid), I couldn’t bear it any longer.

It’s not me any more.

It’s not who I am.

I refuse to let secondary infertility define me, or the rest of my life.

But I don’t want to ‘move’. Those cycles will stay with me forever and are part of who I am and what makes me who I am. They don’t need to be hidden away.

Every 24

This is my reminder to myself that our lives are the sum total of how we live each and every day.

And that means right now, and every day this week, and this month, and this year.

So I thought it was time for something different 🙂

Kitchen Packing Party

kitchen packing party

So far in my minimalist journey I have mostly been sorting through things in-situ. Everything around me in the house has been pared down without actually removing anything and putting it into storage.

I decided to change this today.

I have reached a point, I think, where pretty much everything in the house is what I would consider something I need. However, we still have a lot of stuff. Too much stuff.

I am nervous about just chucking out or donating these things that we have left. They are functional items in almost all cases and I do not want to realise in 6 months that I am desperate for a lot of the things that have gone, especially as financially I am not able to just replace things without justification (stay at home mum doesn’t pay too well, sadly).

Anyway, that aside, today I decided to have my own packing party. If you’re a follower of The Minimalists, you have probably already come across their extreme jump into minimalism, but to read more, check out this post.

Another blogger whose journey I have been following avidly is Ginny at My Simplicity Quest, and she did a similar thing back in 2011, although instead of removing everything, she packed what she thought she would need (as if going on a journey) and stored the rest.

Initially today, I was going to pack up the whole house. Within ten minutes I realised what a ridiculously enormous plan this was (with a husband and two kids living with me), so I downsized it to the area that I hate the most.

Our kitchen.

Our kitchen is sorely in need of a facelift, but since we don’t have a budget for that right now, we have to make the best of it. The thing is, because it is tatty and old, keeping it clean and tidy seems to be difficult for me. This becomes a big problem when it comes to cooking. I hate cooking in a messy environment (I don’t much like cooking at all to be honest), so any excuse to not cook will see me eating ‘easy’ (read: not healthy) foods, or worse, ordering a takeaway. And since our kitchen is pretty much always messy, we are suffering at our own hands by not eating as well as we could.

So today, I have packed up probably half of what we have (and we didn’t have a lot to start with because our kitchen is very small). It’s all going up in the loft. I’ve kept down the things we use regularly (but less of them – 6 mugs instead of 20, 2 kids plates instead of 6, etc.).

I’m not sure what Mr Tech will say when he comes home, but one of the lovely things about my husband is that he tends to take my eccentricities in his stride 🙂

Over time, all the things that have been packed away will either be needed or not. And if not, I think eventually they can just go.

I’m not going to list the stuff we have left, because it is still quite a long list. I am not sure if over time this will grow or shrink.

In fact, I’m not sure about a lot of things, but I want to see how we manage with much less. And I am hoping that by having much less in the kitchen it will be easier to keep clean and I might actually spend more time in there cooking proper meals.

We’ll see!

This is Not a Minimalist’s Kitchen

kitchen clutter


This is not at all what I want to be looking at each day.

I’ve had a break from environmental minimalism, I’ve been focusing on my mental clutter and I think I’m ready to pick up the downsizing baton again.

My brain is less full of emotional crap (not that I’ve resolved all my baggage, I’ve just gotten better at not dragging it out and around with me each day), and this journey is a bit like the journey to physical fitness:

On some training days, your lungs are tight, you can’t get enough oxygen, your aerobic capacity is being stretched.

On other training days, your muscles feel like lead, they are heavy and slow, they need to grow and strengthen.

For me, these two things alternate – one week it’s all about my lungs. My legs are strong but I can’t fuel them. Another week and I’m breathing beautifully, but my muscles can’t keep up.

They seem to have a staggered, alternating, improvement cycle.

And I think minimalism is like this.

It’s a physical and mental journey and you need to alternate them.

For me, I feel it’s time to get back to my physical environment. Christmas is looming in the distance and Christmas means stuff, family, stress, holiday, busy busy busy.

It’s time to get physical. Let’s find some stuff to get rid of.

5k Debrief

5k debrief

I did it in 33:22, which I am…

satisfied with 😉

I can’t say I didn’t give it my all because I did. When I crossed the finish line I couldn’t even think straight, let alone speak.

Running on grass and mud is MUCH harder than running on pavement. For the majority of the course, my view looked like this:

5k trail run

And the photo above doesn’t even begin to convey the hilly terrain.

But my training route is almost 100% flat and looks like this:


Not quite the same, eh?

It was brilliant fun, and the boys entered the mini-run after the main event, so we all had a really lovely morning.

The weather was mild and dry, and overall, it was great.

So great, in fact, that I’ve signed up for a road-race 5k in 5 weeks time (new goal, hurrah!), to try and bring my time down. And this time it won’t be 3 days before my period is due, heh heh.

Mwah ha ha ha hah!

I ran with a heavy heart. Pre-AF spotting showed up 30 minutes before I started the run. After running 5k through Jurassic Park though, it didn’t seem quite so terrible, and I even managed to hold it together while standing next to a massively pregnant woman in the bacon roll queue. Go me.

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