Me and DS1 (2)

Walking to preschool…

DS1: Mummy, can you grow another baby, so you can have three babies?

Me: Ummm, I’m not sure sweetie.

DS1: Have you got any eggs left inside your body?

Me: Erm, yes, I have eggs left, but… well…

DS1: Can you grow them into a baby then?

Me: Well, I don’t know if I can do that. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Hells bells.

Do children read your mind and suck out your dreams while you sleep?

5k Debrief

I did it in 33:22, which I am…

satisfied with 😉

I can’t say I didn’t give it my all because I did. When I crossed the finish line I couldn’t even think straight, let alone speak.

Running on grass and mud is MUCH harder than running on pavement. For the majority of the course, my view looked like this:


And the photo above doesn’t even begin to convey the hilly terrain.

But my training route is almost 100% flat and looks like this:


Not quite the same, eh?

It was brilliant fun, and the boys entered the mini-run after the main event, so we all had a really lovely morning.

The weather was mild and dry, and overall, it was great.

So great, in fact, that I’ve signed up for a road-race 5k in 5 weeks time (new goal, hurrah!), to try and bring my time down. And this time it won’t be 3 days before my period is due, heh heh.

Mwah ha ha ha hah!

I ran with a heavy heart. Pre-AF spotting showed up 30 minutes before I started the run. After running 5k through Jurassic Park though, it didn’t seem quite so terrible, and I even managed to hold it together while standing next to a massively pregnant woman in the bacon roll queue. Go me.

Pre-race Nerves or I’m Getting Man Flu

DH has been ill this week – he spent one and a half days in bed and on the first evening he didn’t even eat any dinner (that never happens).

I thought I had escaped… but I’ve had an increasingly bad headache today and am starting to get faint hot and cold spells. I feel really tired and the boys have been so LOUD.

BUT I am also feeling a bit nervous about my 5k tomorrow and I am prone to psychological symptoms…

I know there are 87 runners. Are 86 other people going to beat me? What if I get a weird injury in the first 5 minutes? What if it’s freezing cold and raining? What if everyone else is a super-athlete and laughs at me?

Of course, I know that this is totally ridiculous and I have run enough 5ks in my time to be totally confident that no one is going to laugh at me.

Ahhh well. Crazy huh?

I’ve had my big spinach, chicken and rice dinner, resisted red wine and a kitkat chunky, and think it might be time for some mindless television to round off the evening and take my mind off of running.

I will post-race post tomorrow.

Night all 😉

10dpo and Why I’m Not Testing This Month

Yup, it’s true, I have made it to 10dpo and I haven’t even touched a pregnancy test. For the woman who buys ultra-sensitive tests and has been testing from 7dpo for over a year, this is no mean feat, I tell ya.

I had a wobble today. It would be so easy to walk upstairs right now and POAS and see that BFN.

But I am holding out. Because:

  • After 17 months I am finally convinced I won’t be having another baby.
  • I don’t want to know about early chemical pregnancies any more. I’ve had 3 and they are too sad.
  • I’ve always kind of liked my periods and I have finally realised that the bleeding that shows I am (apparently) a fertile woman is a nicer way to learn there’s no baby than a plasticky, stark white, negative pregnancy test.
  • Getting a BFN but still having to wait for AF is just cruel.
  • Letting go (and not testing) is a step I need to take towards moving on.
  • Secondary infertility can kiss my arse, because I’m done with being its pawn.

So there you go. I’ve had no out of the ordinary symptoms this month really, and we only BD’d once during my fertile window anyway, but I think I am actually going to be OK when AF arrives. I will be gentle with my own body when it tells me, in its own way, that it hasn’t made a baby again.

C25K Week 6 Day 2 – Next Up, 5k!

I’ve really slacked off this last week and haven’t run for 6 days.

I went out today, after a morning on a bouncy castle with DS1, and it was hard work! I think I bounced away my energy before my run.

It was only two sets of 10mins with a walk break, but it was also very windy, damp and it’s getting colder now. Leaves are swirling down off the trees and it feels like winter is on a fast train heading right this way.

The first 10mins was just a mental exercise in running while my body said:

Stop! You’re out of breath!

But in the second 10mins I got a terrible stitch and was down to a hobble. I ran through it for the first time ever (I don’t get a stitch often so I usually stop to ease the pain). After about 3 minutes it very suddenly subsided – such relief. I managed to increase my pace after that and overall did a decent run.

I am not really optimally ready for Sunday’s 5k, and it’s a trail run, not on the pavement, which will make a massive difference. However, I feel strong and fit enough that I think I will wobble over the finish line somewhere just under 35 minutes, if all goes well.

The other thing I don’t have going for me is that my period is due 3 days after the run and I am already feeling quite heavy and bloated this month. I always notice an increase in my pace and energy once the first couple of days of bleeding are out of the way, so I’ll just have to lug all that extra water and blood around with me on Sunday and smile for the love of being a woman. Great timing, huh?