9dpo Self-Discipline

OK, so I caved a little bit today.

I got out of bed and grabbed my thermometer back out of the first aid box to see what my temperature was doing.

It was a rather unimpressive and non-pregnant 98.1.

But… I just can’t help the feeling that despite the distinctly average temp reading, I still might be.

So then I started thinking…

If I just had a pregnancy test, I could find out! Maybe I’ll get a faint positive as my boobs are hurting so much!

It took an ENORMOUS amount of willpower not to pop into the supermarket this morning and buy one.

But I didn’t.

And I didn’t because of one thing:

If it comes back negative today, I will be grumpy and depressed and a miserable Mummy for the rest of the day.

Whereas if I don’t test, although it’s bad for getting my hopes up (which I can’t deny I am), at least I’ll be a nicer person to be around.


14 days has never seemed so long.

Sensory Boxes 2

The boys really wanted their boxes this morning – amazing how quickly they jump into a new ‘routine’.

Today I used pasta and pipecleaners (so you can thread the pasta onto the pipecleaners).

I thought they would reject them because there are no actual toys included, but I was astonished at how involved DS1 was with this activity. He really loved it, and his concentration this morning was fantastic – way better than when I try to engage him in this sort of thing in the afternoon. I think his brain is better at detailed activity in the morning, which tends to be when I am getting things done, so perhaps I should rethink our days a little.

sensory boxes

DS2 however:

Ah well. He had fun.

And at least it was easier to pack away for next time than the rice ūüôā

The Time Cost of My Book Collection

decluttering books

I have always, always loved to read.

Minimalism is something I find hard to apply to books (although I’m better than I was).

So I thought I’d try a dose of realism instead.

In this post I have attempted to calculate the hours of time that it would actually take for me to read every book I own.

I’ve used some rough and ready figures here for a super-quick estimate:

FICTION (13 books)

Assume 300 pages, 45 seconds to read a page. 3hrs 45mins per book.

NON FICTION (92 books)

As fiction. They take a little longer to read and digest (in my opinion), but often have a lot more whitespace. 3hrs 45mins per book.

REFERENCE (12 books)

No time factor here. They just sit on the shelf.

TECHNICAL (32 books)

I am a programmer and my technical books are hands-on, example driven, practical manuals that are designed to teach concepts that take time to understand and learn. Assume 24hrs of reading/practical application time per book.

COOKERY (32 books)

Assume the average book has 100 recipes.

What my collection represents in personal time

Fiction, non-fiction and technical reading time: 1161.75 hours

Cookery books: One new recipe a day for 8 years and 8 months.

Given that I probably cook a new recipe once a fortnight (if that), my cookery book collection should last me for 122.7 years.

Given that I manage to read for maybe 2 hours a week if I’m lucky, my book collection should provide enough reading material for the next 11.1 years.


And how often do I buy a new book on a whim??

If I made a resolution to not buy any more books until I’d read everything I owned, it would be over a decade before I could even look at anything else.

And that’s not even including my Kindle books and various eBooks.

Now admittedly, not everything on my bookshelf is unread Рso those figures would be reduced somewhat Рbut it is still astonishing to think that what I own has already taken up that much of my future time (even subconsciously from just having all those books in view).

I think it might be time to prioritise the books I really want to read.

Of course, I want to read all of them (hence why I own them), but do I really want to commit the next 11 years to these particular books? I think there will probably be many other books that catch my eye over the next decade.

They aren’t ornaments. If they aren’t being used, then why have them all on a shelf year after year?

Minimalising my books needs to be a two pronged attack of:

  1. Reading more.
  2. Being more selective about what I read.

I have a vision of only owning a handful of books that I am actively using.


Sensory Boxes

I don’t post about my boys anywhere near as much as I intended to when I started this blog. Being a full-time mum to two boisterous, energetic and demanding children is just what goes on ALL THE TIME, so I’ve tended to focus on other things.

However, they are obviously the biggest and most important thing in my life every single day, so I thought I’d make the effort to share a little more.

After feeling inspired by this post about sensory bins and this guest post about sifting flour from mummyflyingsolo, I decided to make an activity box for both boys and test it out. I wasn’t brave enough to try the flour first… but I do have a bag ready, plus two sieves ūüėČ

My boys are 3.5 years and 22 months, so I was pretty certain they would love the idea.

I made two identical boxes with a plastic box, a plastic scoop, 4 toy dinosaurs (to bury) and half a bag of Asda Smart Price rice (~40p). I  also gave them both a separate bowl for scooping rice into.

It started well:

sensory boxes

But within approximately 2.5 minutes, DS2 had tipped his rice all over the floor, whizzed it around with his hands and then started ¬†crying for access to DS1’s box.

See how in this next picture DS1 is still playing beautifully, while DS2 admires the mess he has made (and yes, I have given him the dustpan and brush).

sensory boxes

When we put the boxes away (much excitement over a new one tomorrow), the whole of the downstairs of our (not overly huge) house,  had little grains of rice all over it.

I’m hoping that as the mornings go by, DS2 will learn that his box isn’t as much fun when it’s spread all over the floor.

Although I guess that sensory input is just as valid under his little toes as it is from his little hands, right?

7dpo Not Symptom Spotting

At all.

Really I’m not.

Not even thinking about it, actually.

Haven’t even noticed how despite the painful cramps yesterday morning (which I assumed were the end of anything exciting) my sore boobs have gotten worse.

Not even vaguely hopeful about the fact that I feel very heavy and sluggish and pre-menstrual already.

Scarcely even registered my persistent backache.

And today it has totally passed me by that I’m feeling really picky about my food.

And that I’m so tired, and I have a weird headache and it’s almost like I’ve got a really bad cold on the way.

None of these things at all are occupying my thoughts.

At all.

Half way through the two week wait and just going about my daily business as usual.

Because after a long 14 month journey of trying for no.3, I can’t even remember how it feels to be properly-this-is-going-to-work-lets-get-these-hormones-started-pregnant any more.

So it would be foolish to believe that I might be.

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