The Best Part of Breaking Up, Is When You’re Making Up

On a roll from sorting things out with my co-worker on Friday, I emailed my old boss before I left to go home (he is out in the US), and said I was sorry about all the trivial stuff we fell out over last year. I got a lovely, lovely email back on Monday saying it was all fine, and next time he was over we should all go out, get drunk and have a curry.

How cool is that? It really is so much better when everyone is nice to everyone else. Aw! Suddenly I am full of love for the world…

Here’s a pic of me at the weekend, which I particularly like. Taken with my (work) Sony Ericsson, which I will have to give back soon. You can find out the real reason for me looking this way here (I was removing asbestos board from Mum’s gas fire. I had a half-complete project page on this for ages which I have long since deleted).


Steve is doing his Kung Fu grading this evening, I think he was a bit nervous before he went. Three of them are doing the first level, so I’ll find out later how he got on…

Clearing The Air

Today was a good day. Yesterday I sent an email out asking all the people I used to work in a team with if they would like to come to a farewell BBQ at our house in a couple of weeks.

After some thought I included the co-worker I had a bit of a falling out with earlier this year. We used to be good friends, but have hardly spoken for months. I referenced him directly in the email in a light-hearted way in the hope that he would come and maybe we would be able to patch things up a bit. Much to my surprise I had an email this morning saying how he was really sorry he would be on holiday that weekend, but he didn’t want to part on bad terms. We ended up having a quiet drink at lunch and basically we decided it was all water under the bridge, we did like each other really, and we’d catch up after I left, and when he returned to the UK.

I am really pleased about it – and feel a bit sheepish about my paranoia the other night when his wife came over to visit (although I haven’t seen her since).

If I hadn’t been leaving, I wonder how long both of us would have left it before saying anything. Years?

I’m not a big grudge holder, so I just feel so much better for having a good old catch up with him and what’s been going on in both our lives.

I’ve added another project page. I’m starting a 4 week fitness plan on Monday in an attempt to launch myself into the land of the athletic and get my bum in gear for this 10 mile run in October.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

It’s been a bit of a crazy 48 hours. News travelled of my departure from the company and finally reached the Director of Software Engineering. He immediately called me into his office and wanted to know if we could change things so that I would stay, which is really very flattering, and bound to make anyone stop and think about what they are doing.

The long and the short of it is that after much deliberation and discussion with other UK project managers I finally decided to go with my original decision of leaving. But I very nearly stayed. And the rumour that I was staying was started before I even said it was so, so then I had to explain to people that I really was leaving this time.

I dropped my signed contract into my new offices this evening on the way home, so there is truly no going back now. And I feel good about it, so I think this means I’ve made the right decision. I start in 25 days!

In other news, I’ve updated my projects section again, removing all the pages I had before, as I figured I wasn’t going to get around to filling them all in. Do one thing at a time. Much more efficient, and focused. Yeah.

Lazy Sundays

Well, the freezer just decided to defrost itself, but the fridge is OK, so we’ve lost our freezer stocks… To be honest by the time I noticed last night, the only option was to cook the lot and then freeze it at mums, and the last thing I wanted to do after everything else was cook for the rest of the evening. We’ll eat what we can.

Boo. On the plus side we went to a BBQ at a friends house this afternoon and spent hours sitting in their lovely garden chatting about bits and bobs, eating all the delicious food and letting the kids entertain us on their waterslide. Why can’t every Sunday be that laid back?

I’ve added a projects section to the site. My new plan is to only focus on a few things at a time, and do them properly, so hopefully this will help me get through all the things I want to do. I’m too tired to expand it by much today, so there’s not a lot there just yet.


I’ve been up since 7.30am and this is what I have done today:

• Bought some new RAM for my PC, plus an extra fan, which I have been meaning to get for ages to keep the CPU a bit cooler. The new fan was the wrong size, so I’ll have to take it back next week.

• Installed new RAM.

• Tried getting a signal through the serial port from the GPS receiver, but nothing came out. Need to investigate further.

• Organised a man to come round to the flat on Tuesday and remove the old gas fire, test the chimney and tell me what I can put there instead.

• Bought some energy saving lightbulbs for mum, and replaced old bulbs with the aid of a ladder as ceilings are so high.

• Turned over all the earth and installed mum’s compost bin (ours is next).

• Taken photos of the bathroom at the flat, so I can refer to them while planning what I’m going to do in there.

• Mapped out the radiators and wondered why I still can’t locate the stopcock.

• Did food shop with mum.

• Called our broadband provider to get us reconnected and ask them why we keep getting cut off (they’re not sure).

• Researched replacement window options and regulations on the net for a couple of hours.

• Cooked a pizza from the supermarket as that’s all I had time to throw together.

• Fretted about the freezer defrosting itself (I might have left the door ajar… we’ll see in an hour or two).

• Read some of my DIY book.

It’s now 7pm, and these are the things I haven’t done:

• The washing.
• The washing up.
• The drying.
• The ironing.
• Empty the bins.
• Have a shower (eww).

My time mangement book hasn’t really helped all that much :-( .

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