5 Minute Catch Up #2

Shame on me. I didn’t run the Race For Life this evening, even though I had a place.

I’m still coughing and sniffing, so I decided not to take part. I feel v bad, but I am ready to go back to the gym tomorrow for the first time in almost two weeks to try and resurrect what little fitness I have left.

On the plus side I’ve done some market research on my business idea, written a specification for the website, registered the domain names and created a brand from scratch (saving myself a minimum of £200 on design work!). Once I’ve done a chunk of the website and have something you can look at I’ll let you in on what I’m up to so you can see what you think. It’s been two days and the idea hasn’t worn off yet (nothing before has ever lasted much more than an hour), so it’s all going well so far.

Business Inspiration

I have had a BIG IDEA.

I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday and it literally just bounced into my brain from nowhere. For years I have waited for a business idea that seemed like it might actually work, and suddenly here it is.

I am so excited about it, I can hardly concentrate on the work I’m doing and I’ve got a mountain of things to do to get it off the ground. It’s an online business (betcha could’ve guessed that), simple concept, solves a direct problem I was facing the other day, and there’s nothing quite the same out there (yet).

I went to the library after work yesterday and got a load of books on starting your own business. I finished one last night after 3 hours of reading – I need a business plan. Steve is excited about it too. Lots to do!!

Bob Mould’s Geography Lesson

I was listening to an old album by Sugar on my way into work this morning. I was introduced to Sugar back in my university days at Swansea and the one thing that has always stuck in my mind about the band is an apparent discrepancy in the song Hoover Dam. In this song Bob Mould references both the Hoover Dam (naturally) and the Mississippi River.

It starts with the lines:

“Standing on the edge of the Hoover Dam”

And a bit later a new verse starts with

“If the Mississippi should wash me away”

The astute geographers among you will notice that the Mississippi is in fact nowhere near the Hoover Dam, which runs over the Colorado River. At university I knew a geographer who thought this was an hilarious display of Bob Mould’s ignorance. I can still remember vividly how he used to snicker when he told me about it (he told me at least twice). He would chuckle in a manner that made me think of lecherous old men perving over semi-naked girls on the Benny Hill Show. It was an annoying trait, the forced chuckling, which is maybe why it always stuck in my mind.

Anyway. I tried really hard to listen to the lyrics this morning to see what on earth Bob was talking about. No joy, so I looked them up on the Internet. Turns out Bob’s verdict himself is that the song is a form of travelogue, and if you read the lyrics, the part about being washed away by the Mississippi can actually be read as totally separate from the bit about the Dam. It’s two different concepts. So he hasn’t made a giant mistake, he’s just talking about two big entities as a means of destruction.

I feel really happy about that. Of course, there is always the possibility he’s just covering up the fact that he has no idea of the layout of his own country, but I like to think that’s not the case.

P.S. Apparently Bob once said “I don’t like the dislocation of being away for months at a time. It’s not conducive to having a life.

If I’d been able to phrase it that concisely when I was trying to explain to the Software Director in November last year why we didn’t want to remain working in the US, it would have made things much simpler.

P.P.S. Bob has a Blog! You can read more here.

Girl Power

I had a telephone chat this evening with a major player in the banking industry, for a position on one of their financial software teams.

Did you ever watch “Spaced”?

Did you ever see the scene where Daisy goes for an interview with the magazine “Flaps”?

Where half way through she thinks to herself “I knew I should have bought Huge Fat C*cks“?

Where she goes home and tells Tim she actually said the words “Girl Power”?

And Tim does this:

spaced girl power

That’s pretty much how it went.

Bruges on the Horizon

I thought I was alright after the weird illness thing last weekend, but my cough hasn’t gone away and I am feeling worse by the hour this evening. Of course it is Thursday tomorrow, so it would be typical that any illness I have will span my weekend AGAIN. Sigh.

Two weeks ’til Steve and I are off to Bruges for a long weekend. The tickets arrived today and I can’t wait.

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