Lobster News

You may remember that last August, Steve and I did a whirlwind tour of Cornwall, and along the way we stopped at the National Lobster Hatchery and adopted a couple of lobsters (as you do).

I was just looking at their website and discovered that our lobsters (Bob and Arthur), which were raised in captivity along with hundreds of others, were released by a scuba diver back into the wild in October last year – aw!

08/10/2005, Bob, South Fistral, Newquay (that’s Steve’s)
20/10/2005, Arthur, South Fistral, Newquay (that’s mine)

Did you know: Lobsters can live to be one hundred years old, and grow up to two metres in length (if they’re not eaten first that is).


It’s the first of May already – time flies! Over the weekend Steve and I have did a bit of clothes shopping and rearranged the furniture downstairs so now the lounge is the dining room, and vice versa. We’re aching today from moving two sofas, two tellys, two bookcases and a large table so we’re postponing our biking adventure til next weekend.

Spring has truly sprung though, as the blossom is on the trees, love is in the air, and there seems to be an abundance of wildlife around at the moment, including an escargatoire of snails (that’s the collective noun don’t ya know), in our back garden this morning. Snails are so cool – their little eyeballs on the end of their little eye stalks are amazing. I took these just before breakfast (sadly, snail pics have been lost in transit):

It’s very hard to get their eyeballs in focus on the tip of the stalk as well as the rest of their body. Something for me to practice.

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