Rushing Around

Hello y’all. I have been busy, and lacking in writing skills this week. My new manager from the US has been in town (he goes home Tuesday next week), so work has been non-stop, and a bit stressful. I have to have everything working beautifully in a fortnight as then we have some holiday booked, and the product is supposed to be released by then.

I have missed two (TWO!) amazing ebay auctions that I really wanted to win, due to rushing around to get other stuff done. Boo. Mum locked herself out on Friday night, so instead of a movie-and-a-takeaway-night, it was driving-around-trying-to-locate-the-friends-house-that-the-taxi-picked-her-up-from-that-she left-the-keys-in-the-back-of-night (long, and unecessarily over-complicated story). Mum had to stay over in the end and then I had to break into the house the next day so she could get the spare set inside (yes, I usually have the spares, but for just three days mum had both sets, after the hospital stay confused all our key locations).

Anyway, that aside, all the fish are sick now, but Seagate is still alive (god knows how he’s lasted – he is really putting up a fight). Even though I quarantined the goldfish 24 hours after getting him, they must have both brought something into the tank, as now all fish are scratching against the sides, as though they have fleas. I am fairly certain they have whitespot, which results in 100% mortality if untreated, not much less otherwise due to the chemicals you have to use to kill the parasites. I have obsessed about them so much this week I’m not going to say any more until I know one way or another what is going to happen. I feel helpless and horribly responsible for the outbreak (should have been more careful with the new fish, will never make that mistake again). Have had terrible PMT this week, so have cried over everything imaginable, especially the fish.

Let’s face it – am Bridget-Jones style emotional wreck…

Fish Cam

Steve has set up fish-cam so I can see Seagate from my work computer and keep an eye on what he’s doing. How cool is that?! He’s swimming round and round. Everytime I refresh the page he’s in a different place :-) .

No improvement yet to his bite/ulcer/fungus/whatever it is, but he is much happier, which is good sign.

Save Seagate

Today Steve and I went all-out on the Save Seagate mission. He’s been in his quarantine tank for 24 hours and spent most of last night sitting on the bottom looking depressed, which is exactly what the other two goldfish did before they died on us last year. After an hours research about every ailment known to goldfish-kind we were thinking a mild salt solution was the way forward. This is a natural approach, works well on a fair proportion of fish ailments and is therapeutic for ulcers and damaged scales (Seagate has what looks like a little bite out of one side of him). To do this, you also need to keep the water well oxygenated, so a trip to the pet store it was (i think they are staring to recognise me in there), to get a pump and airstone for the quarantine tank.

At the pet store the tank of goldfish that Seagate orignally came from had a sign up saying they were no longer for sale as they were receiving treatment. I cornered a friendly shop assistant and quizzed her on what was wrong with them. She seemed a bit vague about what exactly they were being treated for, but recommended a bacterial treatment for the tank, which we bought because she was friendly, helpful and spent so long talking to us about it all, even though I was secretly thinking I wasn’t going to use the dodgy chemicals on our fish.

She told us we could bring Seagate back if we wanted to, and they would swap him for another fish. Wahah! Not likely – I don’t want another fish!! What would they do with our little sick baby?? It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

In the car I looked into the treatment we had purchased and confirmed my suspicions about nasty chemicals. I told Steve we had a bottle of prettily packaged FORMALDEHYDE, and we decided that salt was still the best thing, as we didn’t want a mummified fish. We got home, put the scary formaldehyde at the back of the cupboard and set up the air pump. Seagate seemed to like this a lot. We then diluted the salt and added it to the tank. I watched him like a hawk for about 40 minutes and he seemed to perk up – he swam around the bubbles, ate some dinner, and has stopped sitting on the gravel at the bottom. Concentration should be at 0.1% now, and we need to increase it to 0.3% over the next day or two, which is the recommended amount for longer-term salt treatment. Hopefully the fact he was more active this evening is a good sign (A Google search on salt treatment for Goldfish and Koi will provide you with lots of info if you are thinking of doing the same. It’s v important to get the proportions right though, so read as much as you can on it, and remember that UK and US gallons are different).

The other three are as happy and hungry as usual, and were very interested in all the goings on in the kitchen. We’ll just wait and see now what tomorrow morning will bring…

Ebay Target Located

Mum went for a walk today that lasted more than 5 minutes, the result of which was Steve and I driving around in the car looking for her like she was our lost child. The doc said she needs to build walking up gradually after the heart attack, so you can imagine my fears when she had been out for 20 minutes, even though it was a nice sunny day.

As you can probably guess, she was home waiting for us when we got back, reading the paper and looking totally unflustered (unlike me, who went out in public without a shower and dirty hair – the shame). She had walked up the road and found a nice bench to sit on in the sun, while I’d been imagining more trips to the hospital and preparing explanations to the rest of my family about how I could have let her go out and collapse in the street.

And then Seagate the goldfish, who had a little patch of missing scales when we got him yesterday, looked a bit worse for wear this evening. It almost looked like one of the others had bitten him. So I executed emergency quarantine and have put him in his own little tank for the next few days to see how he gets on. It’s quietened down now, and Steve is busy industriously listing things for sale on ebay, so I have indulged myself and found a wonderful, wonderful (oh, they are so going to be mine), retro pair of shoes that I am going to win this week on ebay. Heh heh.

Fish Love IV

Mum and I went to the pet store this morning with the sole purpose of getting some treats for Bert and Ernie. Except… oh, I just had to. I couldn’t resist you see. Steve and I have been thinking about expanding our family ever since we got them a bigger home… and there they were, with their big eyes and cute little faces… seducing me with their little fins… see how adorable they are and tell me you could have resisted.

This is Seagate. He’s a black and gold goldfish, and was living in the shubunkin tank by accident:

(photo lost in transit)

This is Maxtor. He’s a very sexy gold colour and has spent the entire afternoon chasing Bert and Ernie around (as you can see):

(photo lost in transit)

I also got them some treats – daphnia in jelly (yum yum), which they all ate loads of and have been hyperactive ever since.

On a more serious note, I’m a little worried about Seagate. As the only goldfish, he seems a bit more delicate than the others, and when we first bought Bert and Ernie, we also got two tiny goldfish who promptly died on us. We’ll just have to see how he fares over the next few days.

Bert is still expanding at a frightening rate. He’s been in the new tank 2 weeks and I think he’s already grown by another third. At this rate we’ll need a 50 gallon aquarium inside of 18 months.

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