Bits and Bobs

Gah! Another day flown by and still a billion things to do and no proper posting achieved…

Some rushed headlines in the meantime:

• We’ve sorted out contents insurance and get the keys to the house at 2pm tomorrow – I am so excited, I can’t wait!
• My little bro is back at home (length of stay to be decided), after a disastrous Christmas with his girlfriend (no surprise there, since I witnessed some of it).
• I still have a mountain of work to do and only 7 weeks to do it in.
• I have written to the managing agents about the disgraceful service charge I mentioned before. Now I’ve got the letter, I can see it’s all charges for things to be done in 2006, but it’s still way over what I think it should be, with no breakdown of things like “external works: £1051″.
• I have to figure out ways to get more done in less time, since otherwise I am going to run out of life before I do all the things I want to do.
• Steve and I have now been to the gym 6 times in a row to have a shower in the mornings. If only we exercised as religiously.

Quick Hello

Christmas has been and gone for another year, hurrah! Hope it was full of festive joy for you all. I got some exciting presents… but alas, the clock is ticking this evening…

I have lots to write, but no internet access at mums and have spent all day trying to get WinDbg to work remotely from my laptop to my desktop (laptop USB, with USB to serial converter, plugged into 25 pin to 9 pin converter, plugged into gender changer, plugged into null modem cable, plugged into desktop, heh heh). It’s running now, but it’s also 6pm and I am still at work… so no time for catching up today.

We almost definitely get the keys for our new house on Friday afternoon (just landlord to confirm ok), and have ordered phone line and broadband – gotta get your priorities right – so will soon be back online properly. Have a feeling that I will just have to do a big post after New Year, as we are away for the whole upcoming weekend visiting family and friends.

Bunk Beds

Went to the gym this morning for a shower, as mum only has a bath. They have new wooden lockers and the changing rooms are much better (although they were nice to begin with really). Might even manage some exercise there at some point. I am really, truly, going to get fit in 2006.

Still shattered, although I slept straight through last night, which is good. Steve and I are now (don’t laugh) in bunkbeds in my mum’s spare room (it’s a tiny room). I never thought I’d be sleeping in a bunk at my mum’s house at 31… Steve likes the bottom bunk because he can play PSP without keeping me awake. I like the view out of the window from the top. It’s like being 11 again.

We’ve had a bit of a move around at work, so I now have a new desk and so does Steve. We’ve spent the day moving computers and at a Christmas curry for lunch, so not overly productive on the work front. I have so much work to do, pretty soon there will be nothing to write about except how much code I’ve generated each day. Our computers and other stuff from the US should turn up tomorrow, so we will finally have something to work on. At the moment we’re both all monitors and no PCs.

Yawn. yawn. yawn. And all I want to do is sleep.

Tired Today

Not feeling too good today. I woke up at 4am and tried really hard to think about nothing and go back to sleep… And then, bam. Brain woke up and there was nothing I could do except lay awake and worry about a billion and one things and yet still be too tired to think about anything properly. Jet lag is an evil thing.

Mum’s dog Nellie had a seizure last night. She was acting all strange, just as we got home from work, and at first mum thought she’d eaten something over at the park. She was sick, all wobbly on her legs and couldn’t stand up properly, so we took her to the vet and apparently she’d had an epileptic fit. Poor little Nellie. The doctor gave her an injection, which she cried at. But then she just went home and slept lots. She seemed fine this morning, and the vet gave us some info on canine epilepsy. Fascinating fact: little Nellie has never, ever barked – not once since mum got her (she’s now 5 months old). She’s gorgeous.

Steve and I have found somewhere to live, hurrah!

The agent is going to try and get things put through as soon as possible so we might be in by New Year, if not just after. It’s so cool – it’s a little two-bedroom house, with a little patio garden out the back. I love it – we’d been looking at it online in the US last week, but didn’t think it would still be available. It’s just a few streets away from where we were living before we left to go the US, and just like our last place, is on a quiet road and has a handy co-op just round the corner for late-night munchies.



We made it home!

After the fiasco at the airport on Saturday, we arrived extra early on Sunday, were first in the queue to check in and also upgraded to premium economy with miles. We had great seats in front of the emergency exit, so loads of room, plus champagne when we boarded. Virgin have just about redeemed themselves.

I slept for 12 hours last night from 8 til 8 (thank you melatonin), but am still feeling a bit weird today. Willpower and happiness at being back in the UK will get me over the jetlag super quick this time though. Turned up at work to find none of the US stuff has arrived yet, so can’t do too much at the moment. In the meantime have lined up 7 flats to look at tomorrow. There’s loads on the market!

My car tyres had gone down, but the car tyre place I took them to couldn’t find any holes, so I’m guessing my car was just wilting from lack of attention.

It is SO GREAT to be home!!!

Dad brought me tea in bed this morning, and the weather is cold but not too severe.

Everything I look at is lovely – English countryside (gorgeous!), English licence plates (so neat and tidy!), English people (so pale and miserable looking!), English shops (full of stuff I know!). When I took the car to the tyre place, a 4×4 pulled up containing three dogs and a dead fox on the dashboard. Two men jumped out in wellies and gave the tyre man a deflated tractor tyre. Real English farmers!! How cool! :-D

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