2 February 2018

Something interesting happened last night:

23:20 C came in and asked me to go to the bathroom with him

04:20 F woke up, yawned, and very nicely asked me for her BeeBee (giraffe teddy blanket). I found it for her and she went back to sleep.

No screaming! I also noticed that the last few nights (in my room), she has gone to sleep with very little fussing.

I had a morning of firefighting at work instead of getting the things done I had planned. I picked F up at 1pm and she fell asleep in the car. I drove to Sainsburys but she had a complete meltdown when she woke up. Total screaming nightmare so I couldn’t get her out of the car and take her shopping. She tried to kick me and screamed and screamed. I ran out of time waiting in the car park for her to calm down (20 minutes), so I just had to get back in the car and head to school. We took a long drive there and she calmed down a bit but was still crying when I collected C.

Then we did the daily wait for L to get off the bus. Waiting in the car with kids is a crap way to spend time. They climb all over every seat, press every button and generally annoy each other in a confined space. Every day. I’ll be so glad when the two boys are at the same school next year.

But this afternoon, once we were all home, I felt a little bit lighter than I have the last couple of weeks. Not quite so exhausted. More patient. And that is a good thing.

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